Sports and Exercise Medicine

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ISSN 2379-6391

Original Research

2022 Oct

Claire Mills*, Thomas James and Amy Hughes
The Athletic Intelligence Quotient and Performance in the National Football League

Original Research

2020 Nov

James K. Bowman*, Thomas R Boone, Leonard Zaichkowsky, Scott Goldman and Alex Auerbach

Systematic Review

2020 Sep

Caitlin Vela and Catherine Ortega*
A System or Method of Analysis for Injury Prevention in Sports, Youth Fastpitch Softball Pitchers: A Pilot Study

Original Research

2020 Jun

Rebecca L. Fahey*, Karen L. Fahey, Michael D. Fahey†, Peter D. Ehn and Robert R. Schweyer
Sports Science Data Protocol

Research Protocol

2019 Dec

Lorena Martin*
To Study the Effects of Core Stability Exercise in Desk Job Patients with Mechanical Low Back Pain

Brief Research Report

2019 Feb

Michael Kaprail*, Paramdeep Kaur, Franky Valecha and Usha


2019 Jan

Kyle Rank, Giovanna Ramos, Cameron Addie, Tyler Neltner, Mike Fraser, Ludmila M. Cosio-Lima, Christopher Wirth, Debra Vinci and Youngil Lee*

Original Research

2018 Oct

Jessica Garcia, Tyler Garner and Judy R. Wilson*


2018 Oct

Kimberly R. Outlaw, Tracy Carpenter-Aeby*, Victor G. Aeby
A Retrospective and Comparative Analysis of the Physical Fitness of Custody Assistant Classes Prior to Academy Training

Original Research

2018 Aug

Robert G. Lockie*, Bushra Fazilat, Joseph M. Dulla, Michael Stierli, Robin M. Orr, J. Jay Dawes, Kamran Pakdamanian

Letter to the Editor

2018 Aug

Fernando Pompeu*
Effects of Different Types of Active Recoveries after Supramaximal Exercise on Exercise-Induced Stress and Subsequent Anaerobic Power Testing

Original Research

2018 Jul

Hiroto Tsujikawa*, Risa iwata, Arashi Ishi, Koki Nagatsu, Shino Sasaki and Koji Sugiyama

Original Research

2018 Mar

Lauren Adlof, Ludmila Cosio-Lima*, Amy Crawley and Youngil Lee*

Original Research

2018 Mar

Judy R. Wilson*, Angela Liegey-Dougall and Douglas Garner

Original Research

2017 Sep

Ryanne D. Carmichael*, David J. Heikkinen, Elizabeth M. Mullin and Nolan R. McCall

Original Research

2017 Jul

Claire Mills*, Mark De Ste Croix and David James
Blow Rifle: A Healthy New Sport

Case Study

2017 Jun

Koji Sugiyama*

Original Research

2017 Jun

Ludmila M. Cosio-Lima*, Amy Crawley, Lauren E. Adlof, Marisa Straughn, John D. Wallop and Youngil Lee
Motivational State Does Not Affect All-Out Short Duration Exercise Performance

Original Research

2017 May

Yusuke Kuroda*, Joanne Hudson, Rhys Thatcher, Fabien D. Legrand and Paul W. Macdermid
The Importance of Measuring Body Composition in Professional Football Players: A Commentary


2017 Apr

Claire Mills, Mark De Ste Croix and Stephen-Mark Cooper

Short Communication

2017 Mar

Gabriele Mascherini* and Giorgio Galanti

Letter to the Editor

2016 Nov

Fernando Pompeu*
Effects of 4 Weeks High-Intensity Training on Running and Cycling Performance in Well-Trained Triathletes

Original Research

2016 Oct

Milos Mallol*, Gaizka Mejuto, David Bentley, Lynda Norton, Jon Torres-Unda, Haritz Arrieta and Irati Otxoteko

Literature Review

2016 Sep

Kristen F. Konkol* and Andrew J. McKune
Iliopsoas Tendon Injury In an Adolescent: A Case Report

Case Report

2016 Mar

Yuko Kobashi*, Takuya Suzuki, Yoko Tazawa, Yohei Munetomo, Akira Baba, Sinji Yamazoe, Takuji Mogami
Myositis Ossificans in the Lumbar Spine: A Case Report

Case Report

2016 Jan

Yuko Kobashi*, Shou Ogiwara and Kunihiko Fukuda

Brief Book Review

2015 Nov

Kimberly Outlaw , Lei Xu , Tracy Carpenter-Aeby , Victor G. Aeby* and Wenhua Lu
Application of Video-Based Methods


2015 Sep

Robert Mooney, Gavin Corley, Alan Godfrey , Conor Osborough , Leo R. Quinlan* and Gearóid ÓLaighin

Original Research

2015 Sep

Britney Martin*, Brent Faught , Jian Liu , Miya Narushima , John Cairney and John Hay
Early Loading after Closed Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy for Knee Arthritis

Case Report

2015 Sep

Maksym L. Golovakha*, Emin Aghayev and Wenjamin Orljanski
Moving Toward Clinic-Based Motion Analysis: Kinect® Camera as an Example

Short Communication

2015 Jul

Moataz Eltoukhy* and Christopher Kuenze
Influence of Manipulation in the Peripheral Nervous System Tests: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Original Research

2015 Jul

Marco Aurélio Nemitalla Added*, Samir Asbahan de Araúujo , Alexandre Ribero Alcaide , Alexandre Sabbag da Silva, Cristiano Baldan , Diego Galace de Freitas, Aline Gonçalves Zonta , Everton Luiz dos Santos , Caroline Galatti Moura Coelho , Gustavo Lacreta Toledo Colonezi and André Nogueira Ferraz de Carvalho e Silva
VO2 Kinetics During Different Forms of Cycling Exercise on Land and in Water

Original Research

2015 Jul

Matthias Fenzl*, Klaus Karner-Rezek , Christian Schlegel , Joeri Gredig and Beat Villiger
Using the Placebo Effect to Isolate Control Mechanisms of Athletic Performance: A Research Protocol


2015 Jun

Ellen K. Broelz , Paul Enck*, Andreas M. Niess , Patrick Schneeweiß and Katja Weimer
Development of a Regression Model for the Treadmill Ground Reaction Force Components

Original Research

2015 Apr

Fahad AlGheshyan , Moataz Eltoukhy , Arzu-Thomas Onar and Shihab Asfour*

Special Editions

Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal (SEMOJ), also known as sports medicine, is concerned with physical fitness, injury treatment, and prevention in sports and exercise.

Previously, physicians were professionally trained and deployed in sports teams to treat injuries sustained during a game. Sports medicine emerged as a distinct field in the late twentieth century, and significant efforts have been made within the public health community to encourage people to become more physically active.

SEM specialists are pioneers in diagnosing and treating any condition that may arise during routine exercise or sports activity. Musculoskeletal injuries are treated separately from other conditions such as exercise-induced asthma, diabetes in sports, female athlete triad, screening cardiac abnormalities, unexplained underperformance syndrome, and so on.

However, Openventio aims at the widespread propagation of sports and exercise medicine and research through its Open Access (OA) journal for the welfare of the sports community.

SEMOJ 2nd Quarter Call For Papers Poster


KOJI SUGIYAMA is an Editor-in-Chief of Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal at Openventio Publishers.

Koji Sugiyama, PhD

Department of Teacher Training, Shizuoka University

Associate editors

SWARUP MUKHERJEE is an Associate Editor of Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal at Openventio Publishers.

Swarup Mukherjee, MBBS, PGDSM, PhD, FECSS

Nanyang Technological University
GIORGIO GALANTI is an Associate Editor of Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal at Openventio Publishers.

Giorgio Galanti, MD

University of Florence, Italy
GABRIELE MASCHERINI is an Associate Editor of Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal at Openventio Publishers.

Gabriele Mascherini, PhD, PT

Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Florence


Riggs J. Klika, PhD, FACSM

American College of Sports Medicine Special Interest Group on Cancer


Mohamed Mahmoud Abou Heif, MD, PhD

Security Force Hospital


Andanje Mwisukha, PhD

Department of Recreation Management and Exercise Science, Kenyatta University


Frederick DiMenna, PhD

Columbia University


Parag K. Sancheti, FRCS, MCh, MS, DNB (Ortho)

Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation


Shweta S. Devraj, PhD

Department of Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev University


E. B. S. Ramanathan, MBBS, MS, FRCS, MCH

Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine


Amrinder Singh, BPT, MSPT

Department of Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev University


Jason Talanian, PhD

Department of Exercise and Sports Science, Fitchburg State University.


Jonathan M. Labovitz, DPM

Western University of Health Sciences


Daniel Low, PhD, SFHEA

Department of Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences, Brunel University London.


Bernard Oliver, EdD


Kimberly A. Smith, PhD, CSCS

Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences, Slippery Rock University


Dominic Malcolm, PhD

Department of Sociology of Sport, Loughborough University


Eugene Y. Roh, MD

Department of Orthopaedics Surgery, Stanford University


Dale Cannavan, PhD

Department of Health and Human Performance, Seattle Pacific University


Bettina Karsten, MA, PhD

Department of Applied Health Science, European University of Applied Sciences


Peter Whipp, PhD

School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health


Youngil Lee, PhD

Department of Exercise Science and Community Health, University of West Florida


Fotini Venetsanou, PhD

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Claire Mills, PhD

Department of Sport and Exercise, University of Gloucestershire


Benito J. Velasquez, DA, LAT, ATC

Department of Athletic Training, University of Lincoln Memorial



Talia Alenabi, MD, PhD

University of Waterloo, Canada

Chi-Hung Lee, PhD

National Central University, Taiwan

Thomas J. Fisher, PhD

University of Central Florida, USA

Zhan Liu, PhD

Springfield College, UK

Sílvio T. Stefanello, PhD

University of Münster, Germany

Kenton L. Morgan, PhD

University of Liverpool, UK

Flávia M. Steckling, PhD

Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil

Deryk G. Jones, MD

Ochsner Clinic Foundation, USA

Yogesh Kolwadkar, MD, MRCS, MCh

Central California Health Care System, USA

Jason Willow, PhD

Gannon University, USA

Mike Climstein, PhD

Southern Cross University, Australia

Sebastian Hoechel, PhD

University of Basel, Switzerland

Soon-Mi Choi, PhD

Midwestern State University, USA

Nalini K. Sahoo, PhD

SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India

Jia-Hao Chang, PhD

National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Sara Michaliszyn, PhD

Youngstown State University, USA

Feedback Corner

Claire Mills, PhD, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

University of Gloucestershire - SEMOJ


The submission, review and acceptance process of this journal was quick, professional, and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this journal for future submissions!

Abate S. Wasihun, Med is an author at Openventio Publishers

Arba Minch University - SEMOJ


I got very impressive experience with SEMOJ during the peer review process even though the overall process was so bulky due to COVID-19 pandemic. The editorial staff supported and encouraged me till the publication was done. The journal is my favorite publication site and will share for other authors to look for a positive experience.

Lorena Martin, PhD, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

Seattle Mariners Director of High Performance - SEMOJ


The Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal has provided me with an amazing experience. They facilitated the process of journal submission. Their peer review process provides excellent feedback. I am privileged to have my article published in the Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal. I highly recommend publishing your research with the Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal.

Benito J. Velasquez, ATC is an author at Openventio Publishers

Lincoln Memorial University - SEMOJ


I had an excellent experience with submitting my article. Reviewers provided critical, yet positive feedback and suggestions on editorial changes to my article. I will consider submitting articles to this journal in the future.

Liew Y. Hui, BSc is an author at Openventio Publishers

Nanyang Technological University - SEMOJ


I am very impressed with the quick response from SEMOJ through the whole process from submission until publication. Everything was completed in about 3-weeks. I am very satisfied working with SEMOJ and I am confident that other authors can look forward to a very positive experience too.

Swarup Mukherjee, MBBS, PhD is an author at Openventio Publishers.

Nanyang Technological University - SEMOJ


The process of submission, review and the final outcome is remarkably fast with SEMOJ. Despite the review process being rigorous and double-blinded, we got the feedback real quick. Moreover, following our address of the comments from the Reviewers, the final decision made was communicated within just a few days. Subsequently, the proof was ready and the paper was published within a week. This is reflective of the journal’s professionalism, and as authors, we are highly satisfied with the overall experience.

MC is an author at Openventio Publishers.


SEMOJ Author


We are most impressed by the SEMOJ manuscript submission process. We received confirmation of all submissions, reviews were completed in a very timely manner and where assistance was needed from Editorial staff they were most helpful. The galley proof process was expeditious, with amended proofs sent following every submission. Lastly, the final layout of our paper is most professional and provides a high-quality representation of our research. Thank you for your assistance during the process from submission to publication.

Fernando Pompeu, PhD, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – SEMOJ


This improved the paper quality. I expected a slow and expensive process, however I met the opposite. Very good.

Claire Mills, BA (Hons), PGCE (PE), MSc, FHEA, PhD, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

University of Gloucestershire – SEMOJ


Very effective and fast. A very positive one.

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