Sports and Exercise Medicine

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ISSN 2379-6391

Athletes, Cheerleaders, Eating disorders, Original Research, peer reviewed

2024 Jan

Judy R. Wilson* and Angela Liegey-Dougall

Cistanche tubulosa, Exercise, fatigue, Lepidium meyenii, Original Research, Rhodiola rosea, Velvet antler, Vitamin B

2023 Nov

Wan-Li Chu, Mon-Chine Lee, Yi-Ju Hsu, Chi-Chang Huang and Yu-Jou Chien*

Gender stereotypes, Imagery, Influencers, Original Research, Social media

2022 Dec

Claire Mills*, Fiona Ware and Lucy Woodruff

Disordered eating, Female boxers, Original Research, Weight loss, Weight management

2022 Oct

Claire Mills*, Thomas James and Amy Hughes
Oxygen Therapy for the Treatment of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis

Animal model, autoimmune, encephalomyelitis, Multiple sclerosis, Original Research

2022 Aug

Judy R. Wilson* and Perry N. Fuchs

Brief Research Report, Exercise, Motives, Physical activity, Self-concept, Self-esteem

2022 Mar

Jason P. Willow*
Agreement and Validity of Existing Anthropometric Calibration Models to Estimate Whole Body Density in Male Professional Football Players

Anthropometry, Calibration models, Original Research, Whole body density

2022 Mar

Claire Mills*, Mark De Ste Croix, Stephen-Mark Cooper and David James
Hyperbaric Oxygen Attenuates Aortic Vasoconstriction after Simulated Microgravity in Rats

Hindlimb, Hyperbaric oxygen, Original Research, suspension, Vascular reactivity

2021 May

Judy R. Wilson* and Jeremiah Campbell
Comparison of Anthropometric Equations and Dual X-ray Absorptiometry to Determine Body Composition in Active Breast Cancer Survivors

Body composition, Bone mineral density, Breast cancer, fat Percentage, Original Research

2021 Jan

Riggs J. Klika*, Shelby Cox and Brooklyn Herbert
The Athletic Intelligence Quotient and Performance in the National Football League

Athletes, Intelligence, National Football League, Original Research, Performance, Quotient

2020 Nov

James K. Bowman*, Thomas R Boone, Leonard Zaichkowsky, Scott Goldman and Alex Auerbach

Physical activity, Stage of change, Systematic Review, Transtheoretical model

2020 Sep

Caitlin Vela and Catherine Ortega*

Physical activity, Prevention, Sub-Saharan Africa, Systematic Review, Type 2 diabetes

2020 Sep

Taoreed Azeez*, Abimbola Lawal and Olufemi Ogundiran

Athletes, Brief Research Report, Non-athletes, Physical self-worth, Self-esteem, Social self-concept

2020 Jun

Jason P. Willow*

Challenges, Coach, Coaching manual, Handball, Implementation, Original Research, Program, Trainee

2020 Jun

Abate S. Wasihun*
A System or Method of Analysis for Injury Prevention in Sports, Youth Fastpitch Softball Pitchers: A Pilot Study

Biomechanics, Fastpitch, Injury, Original Research, Prevention, Softball, Windmill pitch

2020 Jun

Rebecca L. Fahey*, Karen L. Fahey, Michael D. Fahey†, Peter D. Ehn and Robert R. Schweyer
Sports Science Data Protocol

Data protocol, Load, Professional athletes, Research Protocol, Sports performance, Sports science, Sports scientists, Sports teams

2019 Dec

Lorena Martin*
The Relationship between Pre-Season Testing Performance and Playing Time among NCAA Division II Men’s Soccer Athletes Over a Competitive Season: A Pilot Analysis

Aerobic capacity, Agility, National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, Original Research, Power, Speed

2019 Oct

Brandon L. Stone, Kelsey L. Minson, Emily C. Anderson, Robert G. Lockie and J. Jay Dawes*
Changes in Blood Bone Metabolism Markers with Oat Bran Consumption and Brisk Walking Exercise in Middle Age Hypercholesterolemic Women

Bone metabolism, Brisk walking, Hypercholesterolemic, Middle age women, Oat bran, Original Research

2019 Jun

Foong Kiew Ooi*, Fakri Noor Fatin Nazieffa and Abidin Muhammad Amrun Haziq
To Study the Effects of Core Stability Exercise in Desk Job Patients with Mechanical Low Back Pain

Brief Research Report, Core stabilization exercises, Mechanical low back pain, Pain

2019 Feb

Michael Kaprail*, Paramdeep Kaur, Franky Valecha and Usha

Compression garments, muscle performance, muscle recovery, physiology, Skeletal muscle, Systematic Review, Young healthy adult

2019 Jan

Swarup Mukherjee* and Liew Yi Hui

American football, brain injury, Caffeine, Concussion, Exercise, Omega-3 fatty acid, review, Traumatic, Vitamin D

2019 Jan

Kyle Rank, Giovanna Ramos, Cameron Addie, Tyler Neltner, Mike Fraser, Ludmila M. Cosio-Lima, Christopher Wirth, Debra Vinci and Youngil Lee*
To Study the Effect of Myofascial Trigger Point Release in Upper Trapezius Muscle Causing Neck Disability in Patients with Chronic Periarthritis Shoulder

Brief Research Report, Manual technique, Neck disability, Periarthritis shoulder, Trigger point

2019 Jan

Michael Kaprail*, Shilpy Jetly, Avni Sarin and Paramdeep Kaur
Effectiveness of Compression Garments on Selected Physiological, Perceptual and Performance Measures While Traversing Austere Conditions at Altitude: A Pilot Study

Endurance, Isometric Strength, Original Research, Performance, Running, Vertical Jump

2018 Nov

Mitchel A. Magrini, Jay Dawes*, Craig L. Elder, Robin M. Orr and Doug B. Smith

Athletes, Overreaching Syndrome, Overtraining, Short Communication

2018 Oct

Gerasimos V. Grivas*

Biomechanics, Disabled sports, Original Research, Paralympic sport, Strength exercise

2018 Oct

Jessica Garcia, Tyler Garner and Judy R. Wilson*


2018 Oct

Kimberly R. Outlaw, Tracy Carpenter-Aeby*, Victor G. Aeby

Bone, Martial arts, Physical activity, review

2018 Sep

Samsudin Norsuriani*
A Retrospective and Comparative Analysis of the Physical Fitness of Custody Assistant Classes Prior to Academy Training

Aerobic capacity, Anaerobic endurance, Correctional officers, Original Research, Police, Strength endurance, Tactical

2018 Aug

Robert G. Lockie*, Bushra Fazilat, Joseph M. Dulla, Michael Stierli, Robin M. Orr, J. Jay Dawes, Kamran Pakdamanian

Letter to the Editor

2018 Aug

Fernando Pompeu*
Effects of Different Types of Active Recoveries after Supramaximal Exercise on Exercise-Induced Stress and Subsequent Anaerobic Power Testing

8-OHdG, Active recovery, Nordic, Original Research, Repeated supramaximal exercise, walking

2018 Jul

Hiroto Tsujikawa*, Risa iwata, Arashi Ishi, Koki Nagatsu, Shino Sasaki and Koji Sugiyama
Cervical Strain/Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) Management

Case Study, Cervical strain, Pain management, Whiplash

2018 Jul

Catherine Ortega*
Heart Rate Intensity in Female Footballers and its Effect on Playing Position based on External Workload

External workload, Female football, Football, Heart rate, Intensity, Original Research, peer reviewed

2018 Jun

Claire D. Mills* and Hannah J. Eglon

Concurrent training, Female soccer players, Original Research, Performance

2018 Mar

Lauren Adlof, Ludmila Cosio-Lima*, Amy Crawley and Youngil Lee*

Antioxidant enzymes, Cardioprotection, Endurance exercise, Ischemia reperfusion, Mitochondria, review

2018 Mar

Insu Kwon, Yongchul Jang, Wankeun Song, Mark H. Roltsch and Youngil Lee*

basketball, Competition, Original Research, Skills, Wheelchair

2018 Mar

Judy R. Wilson*, Angela Liegey-Dougall and Douglas Garner

Blood lactate, Cycling, Exercise intensity, Heart rate, OBLA, Original Research, Performance

2017 Sep

Ryanne D. Carmichael*, David J. Heikkinen, Elizabeth M. Mullin and Nolan R. McCall

Beetroot juice, Dietary nitrate, Maximum oxygen uptake, Nitric oxide, Original Research

2017 Aug

Mohamed Almubiadin, Daneyah Awadi and Judy R. Wilson*

Original Research, Residual lung volume, Spirometry, Whole body density

2017 Jul

Claire Mills*, Mark De Ste Croix and David James
Linearity of the Scale for Mass and Volume within the Air Displacement Plethysmograph (BOD POD): A Methodological Investigation

Air displacement, Linearity, Original Research, plethysmograph

2017 Jun

Claire Mills*, Mark De Ste Croix and David James
Blow Rifle: A Healthy New Sport

Blow Rifle, Case Study, Healthy sport

2017 Jun

Koji Sugiyama*

FMS, Military training, Original Research, Periodized training, YBT

2017 Jun

Ludmila M. Cosio-Lima*, Amy Crawley, Lauren E. Adlof, Marisa Straughn, John D. Wallop and Youngil Lee
Motivational State Does Not Affect All-Out Short Duration Exercise Performance

Emotions, Manipulating, motivation, Original Research, Performance, Reversal theory, Telic-paratelic

2017 May

Yusuke Kuroda*, Joanne Hudson, Rhys Thatcher, Fabien D. Legrand and Paul W. Macdermid
An Investigation into Physical Activity Levels in Primary School Playgrounds

Adult supervision, Children, Gender, Lunchtime, Original Research, Physical activity, Play, Playgrounds, Primary schools, Weather

2017 Apr

Claire Mills*, Rachel Burnett
The Importance of Measuring Body Composition in Professional Football Players: A Commentary

Anthropometry, Body composition, Body fat, Commentary, Football, Optimal performance, Whole body density

2017 Apr

Claire Mills, Mark De Ste Croix and Stephen-Mark Cooper
Agreement Between Methods to Determine Procedure for Maximal Exhalation During Hydrostatic Weighing: A Methodological Investigation

Brief Research, exhalation, Hydrostatic, weighing

2017 Apr

Claire Mills*, Mark De Ste Croix and David James

Exercise, Home Based, Medicine, Programs, Short Communication

2017 Mar

Gabriele Mascherini* and Giorgio Galanti
The Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on Reduction of Edema and Pain in Athletes With Ankle Sprain in the Acute Phase: A Pilot Study

analog scale, ankle, Edem reduction, Foot, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Original Research, Pain reduction

2017 Jan

Kazuyoshi Yagishita*, Takuya Oyaizu, Junya Aizawa and Mitsuhiro Enomoto

Central Governor Theory, central nervous system, Hill’s theory, Letter to the Editor

2016 Nov

Fernando Pompeu*
Effects of 4 Weeks High-Intensity Training on Running and Cycling Performance in Well-Trained Triathletes

Blood lactate, Cross training, High intensity training, Original Research, Performance, Triathlon

2016 Oct

Milos Mallol*, Gaizka Mejuto, David Bentley, Lynda Norton, Jon Torres-Unda, Haritz Arrieta and Irati Otxoteko
Relationship Between Pre-Season Testing Performance and Playing Time among NCAA DII Basketball Players

basketball, Collegiate sports, Original Research, Pre-season testing, Strength

2016 Oct

Jay Dawes*, Matt Marshall and Tania Spiteri
Effects of a Six-Week Randomized Training Program on Speed and Agility in Previously Trained Adolescent Males

Anaerobic capacity, Pilot Study, Randomization, Sports performance

2016 Sep

Cliff Bartosh and Judy R. Wilson*
Combined Effects of Six Weeks Oat Bran Consumption and Brisk Walking Exercise on Blood Lipid Profiles in Hypercholesterolemia Women Aged 40 to 50 Years

Brisk walking, consumption, Hypercholesterolemia, Lipid profiles, Oat bran, Original Research, women

2016 Sep

Foong Kiew Ooi* and Nooryusra Abdul Gaffor Lilyana
Promoting the Health Benefits of Walking and Bicycling to Work: A Qualitative Exploration of the Role of Healthcare Providers in Addressing Barriers to Active Commuting

Active transport, health care, Health promotion, Original Research, Qualitative research

2016 Sep

Rebecca Wallace*, Samantha Green and Gina Agarwal

Immunity, Literature Review, Obesity, Physical activity, Sympathetic activation

2016 Sep

Kristen F. Konkol* and Andrew J. McKune

Agility, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Martial arts, Muay Thai, Original Research, Strength

2016 Apr

Morghan Jungman and Judy R. Wilson*
A Comparison of the Degree of Perceived Exertion by Participants In Nordic Walking and Level Walking at Equal Levels of Relative Exercise Intensity

Nordic walking, OMNI scale, Original Research, Perceived exertion, Relative intensity

2016 Apr

Katsuyuki TOKINOYA, Koji SUGIYAMA*, Yuta SUZUKI, Momoko ENDO and Hajime OHMORI*
Iliopsoas Tendon Injury In an Adolescent: A Case Report

Case Report, Iliopsoas muscle, Lessor trochanter, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

2016 Mar

Yuko Kobashi*, Takuya Suzuki, Yoko Tazawa, Yohei Munetomo, Akira Baba, Sinji Yamazoe, Takuji Mogami

Aerobic dance, Bone metabolism, Honey supplementation, Muscular power, Original Research

2016 Mar

Marhasiyah Rahim, Foong Kiew Ooi* and Wan Zuraida Wan Abdul Hamid
Myositis Ossificans in the Lumbar Spine: A Case Report

Case Report, Computed Tomography, Lumbar spine, Myositis ossificans, peer reviewed

2016 Jan

Yuko Kobashi*, Shou Ogiwara and Kunihiko Fukuda
The Interventional Use of Water Treadmill Running During Long Periods of Injury

Brief Report, Efficiency, Gait, Immersion, Injury, Water Treadmill

2015 Dec

Paul W. Macdermid* and Fiona M. Macdermid

High intensity, Interval training, Opinion, Sprint intensity

2015 Nov

Irina AngelJason L. Talaniann*

Brief Book Review

2015 Nov

Kimberly Outlaw , Lei Xu , Tracy Carpenter-Aeby , Victor G. Aeby* and Wenhua Lu
A Proposal for Functional Screening of the Throwing Kinetic Chain in Baseball Pitchers to Assess Shoulder and Elbow Injury Risk

Elbow injury, Pitchers, review, UCL

2015 Oct

Shawn Cole, Tom Sanderson, Brian McNeill and Jonathan C. Sum*
Application of Video-Based Methods

Biomechanics, Coaching, Qualitative, Quantitative, review, Swimming, Video analysis

2015 Sep

Robert Mooney, Gavin Corley, Alan Godfrey , Conor Osborough , Leo R. Quinlan* and Gear√≥id √ďLaighin
The Threshold of Physical Fitness in terms of Maximum Oxygen Uptake as a Predictive Factor for Achieving Prosthetic Walking in Elderly with Unilateral Trans-femoral Amputation or Hip Disarticulation

Amputation, Elderly, Original Research, Physical fitness, Prosthesis, Rehabilitation, Threshold

2015 Sep

Mitsunori Toda, Takaaki Chin*, Noriaki Maeda, Atsushi Kitagawa and Hideshi Kohno

Motor performance, Original Research, Physical fitness, Social competence, Sport participation

2015 Sep

Britney Martin*, Brent Faught , Jian Liu , Miya Narushima , John Cairney and John Hay
Early Loading after Closed Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy for Knee Arthritis

Arthritis, Case Report, Closed wedge, High tibial osteotomy, Knee, Loading

2015 Sep

Maksym L. Golovakha*, Emin Aghayev and Wenjamin Orljanski
Different Sports in Adolescence: Effect on Lipid Profile, Glucose Metabolism, Body Composition, Bone Density, Bone Quality, Bone Markers, Vascular Function and Structure, Pituitary and Hypothalamic Antibodies

Body composition, Children, FMD, IMT, Insulin sensitivity, Original Research, Sport

2015 Jul

Simone Grossgasteiger , Fiorenzo Lupi , Marco Cappa , Davide Gatti , Flavio Egger , Annamaria De Bellis and Giorgio Radetti*

Aging, Exercise, Osteoporosis, Postmenopausal women, review, Sarcopenia

2015 Jul

Arturo A. Arce-Esquive* and Joyce E. Ballard
Moving Toward Clinic-Based Motion Analysis: Kinect¬ģ Camera as an Example

Short Communication

2015 Jul

Moataz Eltoukhy* and Christopher Kuenze
Influence of Manipulation in the Peripheral Nervous System Tests: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Chronic cervical pain, Manipulation, Original Research, Peripheral nervous system

2015 Jul

Marco Aur√©lio Nemitalla Added*, Samir Asbahan de Ara√ļujo , Alexandre Ribero Alcaide , Alexandre Sabbag da Silva, Cristiano Baldan , Diego Galace de Freitas, Aline Gon√ßalves Zonta , Everton Luiz dos Santos , Caroline Galatti Moura Coelho , Gustavo Lacreta Toledo Colonezi and Andr√© Nogueira Ferraz de Carvalho e Silva

Aerobic fitness, Antioxidant, Bone, Chocolate malt, Exercise, Original Research

2015 Jul

Wadiah Azmi Nur Atiqah , Foong Kiew Ooi*, Chee Keong Chen and Wan Daud Wan Nudri
VO2 Kinetics During Different Forms of Cycling Exercise on Land and in Water

Original Research

2015 Jul

Matthias Fenzl*, Klaus Karner-Rezek, Christian Schlegel, Joeri Gredig and Beat Villiger
Using the Placebo Effect to Isolate Control Mechanisms of Athletic Performance: A Research Protocol

Central fatigue, EEG, Endurance performance, Ergogenic aid, fNIRS, Opinion, Placebo response

2015 Jun

Ellen K. Broelz , Paul Enck*, Andreas M. Niess , Patrick Schneeweiß and Katja Weimer

Agility Test, Original Research, Plyometric Training, Taekwondo, Vertical Jump

2015 Apr

Amrinder Singh*, Avinash Kumar Boyat and Jaspal Singh Sandhu
Development of a Regression Model for the Treadmill Ground Reaction Force Components

Biomechanics, Original Research, Regression analysis

2015 Apr

Fahad AlGheshyan, Moataz Eltoukhy, Arzu-Thomas Onar and Shihab Asfour*
The Gluteus Medius Activation in Female Indoor Track Runners is Asymmetrical and may be Related to Injury Risk

Asymmetry, Gait, Indoor track, Muscle activation, Original Research, Running

2015 Apr

Stephanie E. Nevison , Youngmin Jun and James P. Dickey*
Simultaneous Rupture of Patella Tendon With Tibial Tubercle Avulsion Fracture, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Avulsion Fracture of the Tibial Spine in a Skeletally Mature Patient: A Case Report

Case Report, Fracture, Skeletally Mature Patient, Tibial Spine

2015 Feb

M. Craig McMains, Sohrab Virk, Erica Fisk, Olukemi Fajolu and David C. Flanigan*
An Integrated Analysis of Leg Length Differences and the Effect of Correctional Techniques on Stroke Mechanics and Performance Indicators in Competitive Cyclists

Competitive Cyclists, Correctional Techniques, Leg Length, Original Research

2015 Jan

Paul W. Macdermid* and Michael E. Mann

Carpal tunnel syndrome, Computer use, Musculoskeleta, Original Research

2014 Dec

Brean Behee and Judy R. Wilson*
Understanding the Effect of High-Cut Shoes

Ankle inversion, Ankle sprains, High-cut and low-cut shoes, Original Research, ‚ÄúV‚ÄĚ-cut

2014 Dec

Aiden Thomas Commons and Daniel Craig Low*

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