Special Editions

submission deadline
May 30, 2015
release deadline
October 27, 2015

Guest Editor

Malik A. Hussain, MSc, PhD

Associate Director
Centre of Food Research and Innovation
Lincoln University
Lincoln 7647, New Zealand

Associate Guest Editor

William W. Riley, PhD

Food Quality and Safety
International School
Jinan University
Guangzhou 510632, China

Scope of the special edition

Food Security and Food Sciences by AFTNSOJ

The special edition on “Food Security and Food Sciences” is an initiative by Advances in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences – Open Journal to understand the emerging global challenge of feeding the scorching world population from a food science perspective. The science of food security investigates the reasons the hunger that causes the death of millions of people around the globe Many approaches are on the table to suggest remedies for the situation that include: addressing global warming, droughts, and climate change; increasing food production; reduction in the world population growth; modernizing governmental policies; managing the fluctuation in food marketing; and so on. A new developing approach emphasizes improving food systems and utilization through food product innovation, better food supply chain, preservation, and storage as well as effective food safety management.

This special edition of AFTNSOJ invites manuscripts from all disciplines within food sciences for a better understanding of the global food security challenges and suggestions to tackle the killer of millions on our planet.

Dr. Malik A. Hussain
Guest Editor

Published articles

Special Edition - Mini Review

2015 Oct

Malik Altaf Hussain*, Mohamed Elkhishin and Yu Sheng

Special Edition - Research

2015 Sep

Irla Maiara Silva Medeiros, Stefany Guerreiro Lima, Bárbara de Almeida Maffi, Larissa de Lima Abadia, Fernanda Andrade Martins, Tatiane Dalamaria and Alanderson Alves Ramalho*

Special Edition - Research

2015 Sep

Gladys Mandisvika* , Innocent Chirisa and Elmond Bandauko

Special Edition - Editorial

2015 Sep

William W. Riley, PhD*

Special Edition - Commentary

2015 Sep

Andrew Method* and Theodore H. Tulchinsky

Special Edition - Mini Review

2015 Apr

Marzieh Hosseini Nezhad*, Jafar Shafiabadi and Malik Altaf Hussain

Special Edition - Editorial

2014 Dec

Malik Altaf Hussain*