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May 31, 2023
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June 30, 2023
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Mountain Bike Performance and Recreation by SEMOJ

The special edition on “Mountain Bike Performance and Recreation” is an initiative by Sport and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal to better understand emerging challenges facing the cycling industry and its wider community. The science of mountain biking investigates the environmental, health, and performance aspects of both recreational and/or competitive elements, which touch hundreds of millions of people worldwide. There are so many possibilities available to the research scientist that includes: addressing environmental impact, tourism, health benefits; injury rates and injury prevention; assessment of industry-developed technology; quantification of skill and skill development; descriptive elements and strategies to enhance competitive performance; and so on.

This special edition of SEMOJ invites manuscripts concerning all aspects related to off-road cycling in order to better understand the challenges facing recreational and competitive cyclists alike.

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Special Edition - Editorial

2022 Nov

Paul W. Macdermid*