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Unleash scientific discoveries to the world. That’s the Openventio mission.

“Openventio” isn’t just a name, it’s a promise. We champion open access, believing knowledge flourishes when freely shared. Through our network of 40 peer-reviewed medical, health care, social sciences and humanities journals, we connect academic stars and research pioneers around the globe.

Innovation ignites our passion. We nurture cutting-edge research, fueling curious minds and providing a groundbreaking platform for new ideas. Whether you’re a seasoned scientist or a fresh voice, Openventio empowers you to express your research and make a difference.

Integrity is our cornerstone. We adhere to the strictest publication ethics, backed by a global team of editors and experts. Every article undergoes a rigorous peer-review process, ensuring the highest standards of quality and impact.

Join the Openventio revolution. Contribute your research, expand your reach, and be part of a community committed to shaping the future of healthcare, one open discovery at a time.


Democratizing Knowledge: Open Access Takes Center Stage in the Scientific World

Open Access (OA) revolutionized research by removing paywalls and granting everyone free access to peer-reviewed scholarly articles. This powerful idea emerged in December 2001 at the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI), a pivotal conference convened by the Open Society Institute. BOAI laid the groundwork for a decade of progress, outlining key recommendations on policy, licensing, infrastructure, and advocacy.

Another milestone came in 2003 with the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing. This landmark event defined OA more precisely, granting users worldwide, perpetual access and usage rights to research, while emphasizing immediate article deposition in online repositories.

Further momentum came in October 2003 with the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, signed by over 240 scientific organizations. These global initiatives paved the way for OA’s rise as a cornerstone of the scientific landscape.

Openventio Publishers, a champion of OA from its inception, has proudly supported this movement by making all its journal articles freely accessible. We believe in the power of open knowledge to accelerate scientific progress, spark collaboration, and benefit society as a whole.

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100% confidentiality of data with restricted access


Meticulous selection and assessment procedure


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Upholding our standards to maintain professional conduct


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Gold Open Access

Unlock the golden gates of knowledge: Make your research freely available with gold open access.​

The Gold OA model is one in which the final versions of the article are freely available to readers without requiring a subscription, but the authors must pay the article processing charges (APC), also known as the “author-pays” model.1


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We welcome diversity of background, thought and experience.

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