Article Processing Charges (APC)

Open Access: Accelerate Your Research Impact and Reach

Traditionally, scholarly research has been locked behind paywalls, limiting its reach and potential impact. The Gold open access model breaks down these barriers, making your research freely available to anyone, anywhere, regardless of their financial background or institutional affiliation. This translates to:

Invest in Your Research and Open Access:

    • Maximize Impact:¬†By choosing open access,¬†your research reaches a wider audience,¬†boosting citations and downloads.
    • Fuel Scientific Progress:¬†Open access articles accelerate knowledge sharing and collaboration,¬†leading to faster advancements.
    • Support the Future:¬†Your APC directly contributes to Openventio’s sustainable open access model,¬†benefitting future researchers.

At Openventio Publishers, we believe in democratizing knowledge and empowering researchers like you. We follow the author-pay system, where a one-time article processing charge (APC) covers the essential costs associated with publishing your work:

  • Rigorous peer review:¬†Our double-blind review process ensures the highest quality and integrity of your research.
  • Expert editing and formatting:¬†We polish your manuscript for clarity,¬†consistency,¬†and adherence to journal standards.
  • Professional production and archiving: Your article will be published to the highest technical and visual standards, and accessible to readers for years to come.

Flexible Options and Affordability:

  • Payment Plans:¬†We offer convenient options to spread the cost of the APC.
  • Discounted Fees:¬†Authors from developing countries or facing financial challenges receive reduced rates.
  • External Funding:¬†Explore grants and support programs offered by research institutions and funding agencies.

Become a Champion of Open Access:

  • Join a Movement:¬†Choosing Openventio makes you a catalyst for a more accessible and collaborative future of science.
  • Amplify Knowledge Sharing:¬†Your research contributes to a global knowledge pool for the benefit of all.
  • Make a Difference:¬†By publishing open access,¬†you directly impact your field and contribute to global scientific progress.

Unlock Your Research Potential:

  • Ready to Share?¬†Start your journey with Openventio and reach the world with your research.
  • Open Access Advantage:¬†Let us help you maximize the visibility and impact of your valuable work.
Country typeResearch-basedReview-basedCase-basedShort type articles
High income$1079$879$779$579
Middle income$779$579$479$379
Low income$579$379$279$179

* Apart from the APC, an additional USD 199 will be levied for language editing, irrespective of the article type.

Openventio is committed to ensuring that author fees or waiver status have no bearing on editorial decisions. This principle of transparency is clearly outlined in our publication ethics and policies, promoting fairness and merit-based evaluation for all submissions.

PAyment options

Our payment options offer the authors the flexibility, security, and the convenience of using our services anywhere and anytime. You can choose to pay via credit card or wire transfer.

Via credit card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover, and has partnered with payment gateway for your convenience‚ÄĒPayPal. The payment gateway available to you will differ depending on your country and the card you choose to use.

Via Bank transfer

You can make payments directly into our bank account and email the bank wire transfer receipt to us.
*Please note that payments made through bank transfer or check will be charged $50 USD extra.