call for special editions

Welcome to Openventio’s hub for Special Editions, where we delve deeper into specialized topics and emerging trends within diverse fields. This curated space offers researchers and thought leaders a unique platform to showcase their expertise and engage in in-depth discussions on specific scientific or healthcare areas.

Each Special Edition serves as a focused stage for high-quality research, fostering deeper explorations that go beyond the scope of regular journal articles. Whether you’re an established expert or a rising star in your field, we invite you to submit your proposals and contribute to these dynamic knowledge repositories.

Explore the existing Editions, brimming with insightful research spanning clinical applications of digital health, recent advances in pulmonary rehabilitation, explorations of rare head and neck tumors, and many more. Discover the potential for your own research to ignite further discoveries within a dedicated Special Edition.

We believe in fostering focused dialogues and propelling impactful research. Join us, and let’s push the boundaries of knowledge together!