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May 31, 2023
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June 30, 2023
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Scope of the special edition

Are there any Hearing Loss Solutions? Present and Future by OTLOJ

Hearing loss is a problem able to involve more than 75% of people after 75-years-old, so is one of the most important problems for the healthcare system.

Hearing loss as a degenerative aging disease is one part of hearing disorders, there are other problems linked to genetic defects, trauma, metabolic disease, and autoimmune disorders able to determine hearing loss.

We can treat this “social” disease or not, but recent studies show how hearing loss is able to influence dementia in older. Sometimes the patient doesn’t accept the hearing treatment and accepts his condition as an aging disease.

Now we can use hearing aids, cochlear implants, Implantable prostheses, and bone anchorage systems. The biotech industry is developing every day more sophisticated technologies to restore normal hearing function and to micronize the prosthesis.

Is available another future? Genetic therapy? Hair Cells restoration? New drugs to avoid oxidative stress and preserve hearing function? Or is new biotechnology able to offer the same performance as normal hearing? Total implantable device?

I invite the authors to submit not only original research but also reviews and commentary.

In this special issue, we want to present the present and the future of hearing loss treatment.

Published articles

Special Edition - Systematic Review

2022 Nov

Neha Taneja*

Special Edition - Editorial

2022 Nov

Arianna Di Stadio*