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April 30, 2023
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Guest Editor

Omar Ramadan, PhD

ENT Registrar
Independent Researcher
P.O. BOX 773, NJ 07533, USA

Scope of the special edition

Rare Head and Neck Tumors by OTLOJ

Dear Readers,

Rare non-squamous cell head and neck cancers constitute a wide range of tumors such as lymphomas, plasmacytomas, sarcomas, and neuroendocrine tumors. Although during the last two decades, substantial progress has been witnessed in the classification and understanding of the clinical behavior of rare non-squamous cell head and neck cancers, many unresolved issues regarding their epidemiology, treatment, and prognosis still exist. In this edition, we will elaborate on those rare cancers arising in the head and neck region, trying to discover hidden clinical concerns with respect to their epidemiology and optimal treatment.

Dr. Omar Ramadan
Guest Editor

Published articles

Special Edition - Retrospective Study

2022 Nov

Casey Sheck, Jessica Tyrrell, Michael Davis, Paul Boulos, Jeffrey Emrich, Janette Gomez, Jill Darminio, Leon Kushnir and Gus J. Slotman*

Special Edition - Retrospective Study

2022 Nov

Jessica M. Tyrrell, Michael A. Davis, Gus J. Slotman*, Rama Sudhindra, Kush Sachdeva, Joseph Fanelle, Glenda Smith, James V. Wurzer, Jorge Cassir and Naim T. Nazha

Special Edition - Systematic Review

2022 Nov

Omar Ramadan*