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Open Up a World of Early-Stage Discovery with Openventio

Step into the vibrant laboratory of scientific exploration with Openventio’s Open Discoveries, a platform dedicated to showcasing original research in its nascent stages. Here, pre-print articles bloom, offering a glimpse into the minds of pioneering researchers before their findings undergo full peer review. Dive into a sea of:

  • Emerging breakthroughs: Be among the first to witness the seeds of tomorrow’s scientific revolutions, from innovative clinical trial results to innovative theoretical frameworks.
  • Open dialogue and collaboration: Engage in lively discussions with researchers, share feedback, and fuel the collaborative spirit of scientific inquiry.
  • Accelerating knowledge sharing: Break down traditional publishing barriers and democratize access to cutting-edge findings, allowing the scientific community to iterate and build upon each other’s work faster.

Openventio’s Open Discoveries
 is more than just a repository; it’s a vibrant ecosystem where research takes flight. Join the conversation, contribute your own pre-prints, and become part of the movement shaping the future of scientific discovery.

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We are changing the way discoveries are made
We're thrilled to introduce the Open Discoveries initiative, a new platform for sharing your discoveries with the rest of the world. We know you want to share your preliminary findings, so why not make it simple and straightforward?

We will assist you in displaying your writings in sections like science, healthcare, medicine, social sciences, engineering and technology, and other fields on this platform. We hope you'll join us as we expand the platform and make it easier than ever to share your ideas with the rest of the world.

Do you believe you have learned anything or done research on something that ought to be available?

Are you certain that it will advance your career or benefit the entire world?

Use your chance wisely!