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Advanced Technique in Facial Plastic Surgery: Aesthetic and Reconstruction by OTLOJ

The art of facial plastic surgery was born in Egyptian culture several years ago. This art was developed by European surgeons before America, arrived in our time.

The surgical techniques become every time less invasive, the endoscopy changed not only the way to do the surgery but helps surgeons discover all details of the anatomy.

Microsurgery is necessary to refine the details, is less invasive and precise, and has the ability to reduce post-surgery time. New methodologies have been developed to avoid the surgery as injectable product, needle suture that doesn’t need surgery, and Botox to treat wrinkles and asymmetry in place of the frontal lifting technique.

This special issue will be focused on new techniques or the review of the old ones.

I consider very important the anatomy in each discussed technique for this reason I will introduce it in this special issue.

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Special Edition - Editorial

2022 Nov

Arianna Di Stadio*