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Investigations of PM2.5 Long-term Exposure and Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Women: An Overview

Systematic Review

2022 Dec

Lei Zhu, Samar R. El Khoudary, Jennifer Adibi, Ada O. Youk and Evelyn O. Talbott*
Trends in Spatiotemporal Exposure to Air Pollutants and Adult Cardiovascular Emergency Room Visits in the Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Retrospective Study

2022 Apr

Chunzhe Duan, Richard A. Bilonick, Judith R. Rager, Tao Xue and Evelyn O. Talbott*
Epidemiological Profile of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in a Diagnostic Center in Southern Puerto Rico, 2006-2017

Observational Study

2022 Jan

María Pacheco, Laura D. Bauzá, Iris Martínez and Luisa M. M. Torres*

Narrative Review

2021 Oct

Christabel N. Hikaambo*, Martin Kampamba, Fernando Bwalya, Mutenje Mweemba, Chipo Siamutwe, Webrod Mufwambi, Tadious Chimombe, Michelo Banda and Steward Mudenda
Factors Affecting Access to E-Learning during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic Among Rural-Based Pharmacy Students in Zambia: A Qualitative Study

Original Research

2021 Sep

Kennedy Mwila*, Steward Mudenda, Martin Kampamba, Webrod Mufwambi, Enala S. Lufungulo, Margaret Phiri and Christabel N. Hikaambo
Using MapMCDA Tool for the Spatial Epidemiology of Animal Rabies in Morocco: How to Improve the Rationality of a Qualitative Risk Assessment

Original Research

2021 Aug

Mounir Khayli*, Mehdi Kechna, Khalil Zro, Faouzi Kichou, Jaouad Berradae and Mohammed Bouslikhane


2021 Jan

Mark Wesson*
Ovine Network between Fatteners and Breeders in Middle Atlas of Morocco: Where to Act to Prevent the Spread of Epidemics?

Original Research

2019 Aug

Lezaar Yassir*, Khayli Mounir, Caroline Coste, Renaud Lancelot and Bouslikhane Mohammed

Original Research

2019 Jan

Mangesh S. Pednekar*, Prachi P. Kerkar, Sameer S. Narake, Dhirendra N. Sinha and Surendra S. Shastri
Determinants of Canine Rabies in Morocco: How to Make Pertinent Deductions for Control?

Original Research

2019 Jan

Mounir Khayli*, Youssef Lhor, Sami Derkaoui, Yassir Lezaar, Mehdi El Harrak, Latifa Sikly and Mohammed Bouslikhane

Systematic Review

2018 Oct

Richard Wiseman*

Short Communication

2017 Jan

Maria de Lourdes Rabelo Guimarães and Ana Paula Hermont*

Brief Research

2016 Jul

Chad Burleson, Kendall Anderson, Zachary Copeland, Cassandra Karcs and Kelly L. Sullivan*

Original Research

2016 Apr

Peter J. Meffert*, Maximilian A. Schwittay, Markus M. Lerch, Jochen Hampe, Stephan Buch, Flavio Nervi, Luis Villarroel, Henry Völzke and Juan F. Miquel*
Targeted Measles Outbreak Response Vaccination in the Context of Measles Control and Elimination: Experiences from South Sudan

Original Research

2016 Mar

Kofi Boateng, Abdulmumini Usman*, Anthony Laku, Yehia Mostafah, Dieu Donne Bimpa and Sampson Baba
Geography of Diet in the UK Women’s Cohort Study: A Cross-Sectional Analysis

Original Research

2016 Mar

Michelle A. Morris*, Graham P. Clarke, Kimberley L. Edwards, Claire Hulme and Janet E. Cade
Bovine Trypanosomiasis: Retrospective Investigation and Clinical Signs

Brief Research Report

2016 Mar

Guilherme C. Garcia*, Dênia M. de Moura, Renata C. C. Frange, Eustáquio R. Bittar and Joely F. F. Bittar

Original Research

2016 Mar

Mangesh S. Pednekar*, Jooi Vasa, Sameer S. Narake, Dhirendra N. Sinha and Prakash C. Gupta

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Mehdi Kechna, MSc (student), is an author at Openventio Publishers.

Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medecine - EPOJ


I would like to thank all of the editorial team for their professionalism, expertise and quick response. You have been a wonderful editor and I loved working with such a great team. Best wishes for the future and I will strongly recommend this journal. Thank you so much.

Mark Wesson, MPH, FACHE, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

Healthcare Development Consultancy - EPOJ


Thank you for your timely and helpful review of my article. I am glad I chose your journal and grateful to you for publication!

Kira Smith, MD, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

Independent/MilMed Corporation - EPOJ


I’m very happy to collaborate with Openventio: the review process was simple and straightforward, there were no setbacks. It is a journal that I consider at the highest scientific level.

Kadra N. Abdullahi, MPH, BSc, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

Transform Health Africa Limited - EPOJ


I developed a great partnership with Openventio Publishers; their dedication towards our research was evident in all aspects. We appreciate their attention to detail. Your editorial help on my manuscript is highly appreciated!

Mangesh S. Pednekar, PhD, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

Healis-Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health - EPOJ


My experience with the journal was very encouraging mainly due to the quick review process of the journal.

Prachi Kerkar, BPT, MPH is an author at Openventio Publishers

Healis-Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health - EPOJ


Thank you for your cooperation throughout the publication process. I would like to thank all the reviewers for their valuable comments. It was good learning for me and I hope this work gets well utilized by the scientific community in Tobacco Control.

Mounir Khayli, DVM, MSc is an author at Openventio Publishers

National Office of Food Safety (ONSSA) – EPOJ


I know I speak on behalf of the whole authors when I say we have been delighted to work with you and with all respected reviewers over these past months. You have been a marvelous editor. Journal staff and editorial board members have worked very hard for this journal to establish its high standard and the professionalism of your team has been of the highest order. The success of getting this manuscript published has shown how much you bring to our work. We look forward to you continuing to work with us on different issues in the future. I strongly recommend this Journal to be indexed in Epidemiology reviews, science citation, and other reputed indexing sites. With our very best wishes, and thanks for all you have achieved for epidemiology science.

Richard A. Wiseman, PhD, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

Former Senior Lecturer – EPOJ


In obtaining publication for my article, I received excellent service from the EPOJ Editorial Office; it can only be described as exemplary. Every time there was any correspondence or a query, the Editorial Office assistants were helpful, polite, attentive and friendly. I also liked the procedure of EPOJ in obtaining opinions regarding the article; it was sent to three reviewers, anonymously, and their comments relayed (anonymously) to me, and when I had made corrections or incorporated those views, the process was repeated. I thought this was fair, even-handed and without bias. I would certainly recommend EPOJ to any colleagues or if I have another article I wish to have published. Thank you again EPOJ Editorial Office.

Abdulmumini Usman, MD, is an author at Openventio Publishers.

World Health Organisation Country Office – EPOJ


We really had a nice experience. The flexibility of submission of manuscripts via e-mail was very convenient especially from countries with poor internet service. The peer review process was speedy and efficient. The overall process from submission to decision is one of the fastest.

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