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The word ‘Gastro’ is used in conjunction with many words like Gastrology, Gastroenteritis, Gastrocaine, Gastrointestinal system, etc.

Gastro – Open Journal (GOJ) aims to publish the current breakthroughs in the digestive system and its related diseases.

However, Openventio aims to widespread all the detailed matters related to gastro research through its Open Journal to the scientific community for the welfare of the patients.


Associate editors

Shreyas Saligram, MD

Department of of Interventional Gastroenterology, Moffitt Cancer Center

Jacintha O. Sullivan, PhD

Department of Surgery, Institute of Molecular Medicine

Tatiana Goretsky (Zagranichnaya), PhD

Department of Internal Medicine, University of Kentucky


Sasi Arunachalam, PhD

Department of Computational Biology & Cancer Biology Program, Comprehensive Cancer Center

Anupom Mondal, PhD

Invivotek, A member of Genesis Biotechnology Group™ (GBG)

Hiroyuki Yoshida, PhD

Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Meir Mizrahi, MD

Division of Gastroenterology, Center for Advanced Endoscopy

Mohamad A. Mokadem, MD

Department of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa Health Care

Jennifer L. Seminerio, MD

Division of Gastroenterology, Medical University of South Carolina

James W. T. Toh, MBBS, FRACS

University of Western Sydney

Pradeep K. Dudeja, PhD

Department of Medicine

Atilla Ertan, MD

Ertan Digestive Disease Center & GI Center of Excellence

Ivo Boškoski, MD, PhD

Gastroenterology & Digestive Endoscopy Digestive Endoscopy Unit, Catholic University of Rome

S. Houssam Mardini, MD, MBA, MPH

Department of Internal Medicine, University of Kentucky

Varayu Prachayakul, MD

Department of Internal Medicine, Mahidol University


Astha Malik, PhD

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA

Prashanth Rawla, MD


Pavan Rajanahalli, MSc, PhD

University of Tampa, USA

Xuelong Jiao, MD

Qingdao University, China

Feedback Corner

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Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital - GOJ


The journal was very easy to contact and gave prompt feedback. I was happy with their approachability and would use them again for further publications.

Health Center Kraljevo - GOJ


I am so proud and happy with your efforts to publish my article you are making better world.

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