The Importance of Enzyme Substitution Therapy in Early Pancreas Exocrines of Insufficiency

Biljana Petrovic*

The Importance of Enzyme Substitution Therapy in Early Pancreas Exocrines of Insufficiency

Functional disorders of the digestive tract are a common occurrence in the doctor’s office.

In addition to functional dyspepsia, 35% of dyspepsia is unresolved dyspepsia,
which is a symptom of the early stage of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency in the abdomen.

Maldigestion is usually followed by malnutrition. Every fourth patient with
functional dyspepsia and epigastric pain have chronic panreatitis and
malasbsorption-it has been reported in the literature.

Also, dyspepsia is one of the most common diagnosis in doctors practice.
At the same time, early pancreatic insufficiency is not common diagnosis in general doctors practice.

Based on clinical experience, we can suspect and detect chronic pancreatic
insufficiency at an early stage, which is the aim of this paper.

To demonstrate the efficacy of enzyme replacement therapy in the
early stage of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency.

Female patient, 52-years-old, unemployed, unmarried, uneducated,
poor socioeconomic status.

In the region of the epigastrium, lack of appetite, weight loss, malaise,
discomfort, negates other problems. Treated several times with gastroenterologists and psychiatrist, saw multiple times Ipp-pantoprazol and antidepressant therapy.

Helicobacter pylori negative, non-smoking,
no alcohol addiction. She had financial, social and family problems.

The present status of patients’ health was conscious, well-oriented,
agitated, depressed, poorly nourished and furthermore indicated
the impression of being in the midst of severe pain.

During the treatment, the weight, height and BMI of the patient were 43 kg,
1.64 m and 15.9 respectively. After performing the tests of the
heart and the lungs, the therapeutic reports and ECG test were
found to be normal.

Gastro Open J. 2019; 4(1): 9-10. doi: 10.17140/GOJ-4-131