The Importance of Enzyme Substitution Therapy in Early Pancreas Exocrines of Insufficiency

*Corresponding author: Biljana Petrovic*



Functional disorders of the digestive tract are a common occurrence in the doctor’s office. In addition to functional dyspepsia, 35% of dyspepsia are unresolved dyspepsia, which are a symptom of the early stage of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency.


Based on clinical experience, we can suspect and detect chronic pancreatic insufficiency at an early stage, which is the aim of this paper.


To demonstrate the efficacy of enzyme replacement therapy in the early stage of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency using the case report of the patient.


Results confirms significance and effectiveness of creon as an enzyme replacement therapy in the treatment of malabsorption and maldigestion.


Creon (pancreatin) showed great effect in the treatment of dyspepsia and anorexia nervosa, body mass index (BMI) for 30 days increased from 15.9 to 17.4, which leads us to the conclusion that unrecognized chronic pancreatic insufficiency can be expected in long-term dyspepsia.


Chronic pancreatic insufficiency; Enzyme; Body mass index (BMI); Digestive tract.