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Emergency Medicine – Open Journal (EMOJ) deals with the study of the latest methods of basic and clinical advancements, research, techniques, and guidance.

The mainstay issues cover noteworthy clinical cases, the most up-to-date evidence-based practice, and research developments of Emergency Medicine in this developing world from urban to rural clinics and hospitals in civilized and calamity situations.

EMOJ helps in advancing the practice globally and also advances all in education, research, and practice to reduce suffering patients and in excellence internationally.

However, Openventio aims to widespread all the detailed matters related to Emergency Medicine through its Open Journal to the scientific community for its welfare.


Chien-Chang Lee, MD, ScD

Department of Emergency Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital

Associate editors

Gunter H. Ruetter, MD, PhD

Earth 300 Ventures Pte Ltd

Robert J. Strony, DO, RDMS, RVT

Department of Emergency, Geisinger Medical Center

Imoigele P. Aisiku, MD, MBA

Division of Emergency Critical Care, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Col. (Ret.) John G. McManus, MD, MBA, MCR

Department of Emergency Medicine, Augusta University


Meng-Tse Lee, PhD

Health Insights of Taiwan

Mohammad R. Zarei, MD, MPH

Sina Trauma and Surgery Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Pan Konghan, MD

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Gregory D. Chapman, MD

Department of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Ozgur Karcioglu, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, Istanbul Education and Research Hospital
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Şevket Balta, MD

Department of Cardiology, Malatya Park Hospital

Rajan Arora, MD

Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Michigan

John L. Zeller, MD, PhD

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, NYU Langone Medical Center

Harsimran S. Singh, MSc, MD

Department of Medicine , Weill Cornell Medical College

Islam M. Ibrahim, MD

Department of Pulmonary & Critical Care, University of California San Diego

Yan-Ren Lin, MD, PhD

Department of Emergency Medicine, Changhua Christian Hospital
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Katherine Mandeville, MD, MSc

Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, UC San Diego School of Medicine

Koorosh Ahmadi, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, Alborz University of Medical Science

Sema Avci, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, Uşak Üniversitesi - School of Medicine

Farshad “Mazda” Shirazi, MD, PhD

Department of Emergency Medicine, College of Medicine - Tucson, The University of Arizona

Carl V. Crawford, MD

Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Weill Cornell Medical Center

Nurettin O. Dogan, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine

Mehmet Oğuzhan Ay, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Health Sciences Bursa Yuksek Ihtisas Training and Research Hospital

Rajendra S. Jain, MD, DM (Neurology)

Department of Neurology, SMS Medical College Hospital

Sukhen Samanta, MBBS, MD

Critical Care Institute - Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Erdim Sertoğlu, MD

Department of Medical Biochemistry, Gulhane Military Medical Academy

James B. Martel, MD, MPH

California Northstate University College of Medicine

Feriyde Çalışkan, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, Amasya UNi Faculty School of Medicine

Harold Sloas, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Larry B. Mellick, MS, MD

Division Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, University of South Alabama


Katafan Achkar, MD

Baylor College of Medicine, USA

George Braitberg, MBBS, FACEM, FACMT

Melbourne University, Australia

Roberto C. Portea, MD

East Carolina University, USA

Christian P. Pathak, MD, PhD

London & Ostschweizer Kinderspital, Switzerland

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National Health Service (NHS)-EMOJ


It’s been lovely working with the EMOJ team. The team communicate very well & give clear direction. They have quick, helpful & prompt replies.

Star Hospitals - EMOJ


Proud of having my publication in the Emergency Medicine – Open Journal. Thanks to all of the Openventio Journal staff members and peer reviewers for providing their helpful services for the success of my research. Even in the challenging times during the pandemic the team provided a lot of support which is commendable. I would encourage my colleagues to publish their work in the journals of Openventio Publishers.

Bundaberg Base Hospital - EMOJ


Thrilled to be published in Openventio. Your efficiency and professionalism was great to experience.

National Taiwan University Hospital - EMOJ


Thank you for your high efficiency in processing manuscripts.

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National Taiwan University - EMOJ


Moved by their enthusiasm, I chose to work with Openventio. They gave me several advices before the final publish, the advice which is essential and educational for a novice like me. The whole cooperation is nice not just because of their respectful attitude but also their high efficiency. Even though I hope to seek more criticism from them, still, the partnership with Openventio is great.

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