Prothrombin Complex Concentrates in Post-traumatic Hemorrhage: A Review

*Corresponding author: Ozgur Karcioglu*, Ebru Yilmaz, Selman Yeniocak and Hakan Topacoglu


Prothrombin complex concentrates (PCC) has long been used to reverse vitamin K antagonists (VKA)-induced coagulopathy rapidly and safely. However, its use in trauma-induced coagulopathy (TIC) in patients not using VKA drugs is yet to be elucidated. This article is a narrative review and analysis of the most recent literature to analyse consequences, and intended effects associated with this treatment modality in TIC. Utilization of PCC was addressed in the literature data found by searches of databases. The indications, efficacy and outcomes associated with the use of the product were reviewed in the articles. Some studies point out promising results with respect to PCC use to overcome the VKA-related coagulopathy in victims of trauma. PCC may be a viable option for resuscitation in emergency and critical care in the management of severe hemodynamic deterioration induced by trauma, despite contradictory findings in the literature.


Blood coagulation factor; Trauma; Hemorrhagic shock; Exsanguinating hemorrhage.