Current Specialist Awareness on Ultrasound Use for Central Venous Catheterization

Bruno M. Pereira* and Alcir E. Dorigatti

Current Specialist Awareness on Ultrasound Use for Central Venous Catheterization.

This brief opinion report brings to light whether specialists are aware of the use of ultrasound on placing CVCs.
Many studies were published reinforcing the use of ultrasound for this purpose proving to be safe and effective.

Even though there are a number of recent papers stressing the use of ultrasound
as an essential tool in placing CVCs, this device is not available at all institutions and it is not currently the standard of care worldwide.

The question on how physicians from different specialties worldwide are aware about using the
ultrasound for this specific purpose have aroused, creating an interesting field of
investigation on current opinion of specialists on this specific matter.

One important need for these authors was to determine whether or not the responders group are involved in academic activities.

The meaning of this is that if the majority of responders are really
involved in academic activities, doing research and publishing, then we were probably dealing with a very special high-level group of specialists.

This is the reason why we also searched on responders’ publications, impact factor of publications and citations. To the end of this very first section of the study we realized that we were dealing with a strong group of specialists involved with many publications of good power.

An average of 21.5 manuscripts were related to each responder with an impact factor average of 28.39 confirming that our group of responders are all involved in academics and indeed are experts on the subject.

Emerg Med Open J. 2016; 2(1): 1-4. doi: 10.17140/EMOJ-2-119