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Anthropology – Open Journal (ANTPOJ) is an open-access web portal that covers a wide range of human health and illness topics, as well as health care systems, diseases, and bioanthropological measures.

Anthropology encompasses many disciplines, including social, cultural, and biological studies. ANTPOJ solely focuses on the medical aspects of anthropology, which include biological and physical strains, healthcare, and all related issues.

Openventio aims to highlight all anthropology-related details and to bring information from all authors and diverse sources in a consistent manner via our well-designed open access portal.


Bartholomew Dean, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Kansas

Associate editors

Kaushik S. Bose, PhD, DSc

Department of Anthropology, Vidyasagar University

Gangadhar M. Rajagopal, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Mysore

Benjamin B. Brooks, PhD

Department of Anthropology, East Carolina University


J. P. Linstroth, DPhil

Barry University

Omid Oudbashi, PhD

Department of Conservation of Historic & Cultural Properties, Art University of Isfahan

Marcel Kornfeld, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Wyoming

Subho Roy, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Calcutta

Enrique J. Mayer, PhD

Department of Anthropology, Yale University

Du Liping, PhD

Department of Chinese, University of Melbourne

Halyna Mokrushyna, PhD

Department of Sociology, University of Ottawa

Ruth Young, PhD

University of Leicester

Frances D. Burton, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto

Dott. Stefano Pagnotta, MD


Julian Henderson, PhD

Department of Archaeology, University of Nottingham

S. Neyooxet Greymorning, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Montana

Jean M. Rahier, PhD

Department of Anthropology, Florida International University

Harald Wilfing, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna

Jan L. T. Haywood, PhD

Department of Ancient History

Abdulsallam Bakdash, PhD

Naif Arab University for Security Sciences

Mehmet-Ali Ataç, PhD

Department of Classical & Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College

Athos Agapiou, PhD

Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics, Cyprus University of Technology

Kuldeep K. Bhan, MD, PhD

Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Yaghoub Mohammadifar, PhD

Department of Archaeology, Bu-Ali Sina University

Jervas Ekezie, PhD

Department of Anatomy, Federal University of Technology
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Anthony P. Glascock, PhD

Department of Anthropology, Drexel University

Yvonne V. Jones, PhD

Departments of Anthropology, University of Louisville

F. James Rohlf, PhD

Department of Anthropology, State University of New York
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Kamal K. Misra, PhD

University of Hyderabad

M. Romesh Singh, MA, MPhil, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Hyderabad

Douglas A. Feldman, PhD

Department of Anthropology, State University of New York

Shivani Chandel, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi

Ian Whitmarsh, PhD

Department of Anthropology, History & Social Medicine, University of California

John M. Janzen, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Kansas


Hossein Fattahi, MD, MA

University of New York, USA

Sadaruddin Biswas, PhD

University of Sidho-Kanho-Birsha, India

Meenal Dhall, PhD

University of Delhi, India

Christine Mitchell, RN, MS, MTS, HEC-C

Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School

Charles M. Musiba, PhD

University of Colorado Denver, USA

Jean-Luc Chodkiewicz, PhD

University of Manitoba, Canada

Justine Benanty, PhD

The George Washington University, USA

David L. Browman, PhD

Washington University, USA

Ute Luig, PhD

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Krzysztof Bierski, PhD

Durham University, Germany

Gwyn D. Madden, PhD

Grand Valley State University, USA

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Mrinalini Datta Mahavidyapith - ANTPOJ


I am privileged to get a chance to publish my article in Anthropology – Open Journal. I had wonderful experiences, from submitting the manuscript to publishing the article through the blind peer-reviewed process. I must congratulate all the associated members of this journal. The editorial assistance was speedy, fruitful, and helpful for me. I wish the journal every success. I also advocate for publishing your research work in this journal.

University of Jos - ANTPOJ


I want to thank Openventio for this wonderful opportunity given to me on their platforms to be able to showcase and share knowledge on a Global platform. My sincere gratitude also goes to the editorial board thank you for the kind words and encouragement to do better. Looking forward to do more work together. Thank you

Sivas Cumhuriyet University - ANTPOJ


Being a paleoanthropologist, collaborating with Open Journal to publish my opinion was certainly worthwhile. Editorial team is amazingly helpful, friendly and extremely responsive. They constantly return all messages in a very prompt way. If you are an academic or researcher, I definitely advocate publishing your article in Open Journal without a second hesitation.

Cinvestav-IPN - ANTPOJ


I am very happy to publish an article in Anthropology-Open Journal. Very efficient peer-review process and editorial work. I wish the journal high success.

Bangabasi College - ANTPOJ


I am thankful to the team of Anthropology – Open Journal. I had a great experience. They were very prompt and co-operative. The journal maintains the quality of the article published and I believe it will become one of the preferred journals among the anthropologists. I wish all success to the journal.

Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) - ANPOJ


This journal and its editorial team is actively inclusive of feminist thoughts in the domains of social & cultural anthropology. Amongst, the pioneers to connect directly with diverse ethnographic writing practices and ideas.

Vidyasagar University – ANTPOJ


I am proud to be associated with Anthropology – Open Journal. It’s an international peer-reviewed journal with an editorial board consisting of members from around the globe. The quality of papers published in this journal is high. I wish the journal all success.

Vidyasagar University - ANTPOJ


I have one of my best experiences of publishing paper in Anthropology – Open Journal. The journal did a thorough double-blind review of my paper. This in-depth review actually transformed my paper into its present form. The editorial assistant is very prompt in reply and always keeps us updated. I strongly believe that the ANTPOJ will soon become one of the most preferred journals of anthropology. I wish a bright future for Anthropology Open Journal.

Federal University of Technology – ANTPOJ


I am sincerely thankful to the Editorial board of Anthropology – Open Journal (ANTPOJ); they are very meticulous. They carry out efficient and effective communication with the authors before publishing any paper. They perform adequate reviews. ANTPOJ is of High quality and maintain excellent standard. I, therefore, encourage Scientist all over the world to key in into ANTPOJ for effective and on time publication. ANTPOJ- keep the flag flying, you will have a great rating soon.

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Vidyasagar University – ANTPOJ


Please submit your journal to worldwide indexes and impact factors; you are a dedicated and capable individual. I hope that soon people will consider your journal to be among the greatest in the field of anthropology.

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