Ticking All the Boxes

Anthony P. Glascock*

Ticking All the Boxes.

It was 1972 and I was talking to a group of fellow anthropology graduate students just prior to leaving the country to conduct my dissertation research when I pronounced that applied
should never go in front of anthropology.

In my view, anthropology was an intellectual discipline and that if someone wanted to “help” people they should become social workers. Ratchet forward several decades and once again I’m speaking to anthropology students only now I’m telling them that if their research does not aid people in how they live, there is no reason to conduct it.

What happened is that I became interested in aging and old age just before I took my
first job, and I decided to focus on issues surrounding the definition and treatment of the elderly
in non-industrial societies. This research was still fairly abstract and certainly far removed from “helping” people. However, it was a fairly short journey from analyzing secondary data to actually conducting research on the treatment of the elderly.

I personally plan to spread the news of ANTPOJ far and wide and I encourage everyone reading this to do the same. Once again, my kudos to those responsible for taking the important step of making Anthropology-Open Journal a reality.

One start-up company and a sale of the patents to General Electric later, I was launched on a career as a consultant, helping health care providers deliver care through the use of a variety of technologies. First, by almost every measure, there is no more relevant subject matter today than health and care provision.

Anthropol Open J. 2016; 1(1): e1.doi: 10.17140/ANTPOJ-1-e001