A Short Enquiry on Social Anthropology in Mathematics

*Corresponding author: Chinmay Biswas*

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short communication


Mathematical anthropology is a well-known subject of anthropology research nowadays. Mathematical anthropology solves intriguing and significant difficulties in anthropological theory. Several publications and books have published articles or scientific papers by notable scientists on this topic. The mathematical anthropology analysis fast and improvised that particular field exclusively in the framework of kinship. Several scientists have studied mathematical analysis of genealogy, kinship terminology, and culture theory, among other topics, but “Social Anthropology in Mathematics” is a new field of social anthropology, not a replacement for mathematical anthropology. It uses some simple mathematical formulas to explain any social anthropological investigation. The study of social anthropology in mathematics requires the use of simple mathematical formulas. This is the subject of the current brief communication.
Mathematics; Anthropology; Lineage; Clan, SET theory; Culture.