A Short Enquiry on Social Anthropology in Mathematics

Chinmay Biswas*

A Short Enquiry on Social Anthropology in Mathematics.

Mathematical anthropology is a well-known subject of anthropology research nowadays. Mathematical anthropology solves intriguing and significant difficulties in anthropological theory. Several publications and books have published articles or scientific papers by notable scientists on this topic.

The study of social anthropology in mathematics requires the use of simple mathematical formulas. This is the subject of the current brief communication. The concept of ‘Genealogical mathematics has appeared fundamental to work several in fields. In social anthropology, genealogies as such are the primary method for fieldwork. Consequently, a recent study has occurred on clan and lineage. The lineage has been experimented with by the directed line of the segment of vector and scalar properties.

Properties of vector and scalar theorem applied analogically. The study tried to enlighten on a relation between lineage and directed line segment and has existed or not in the perception of the analogical approach. Simple to know-two positions have determined their origin and the other latest point. Origin is not an actual locus, so it may be termed as ‘Apical ancestors’ because origin could not be able to calculate certainly for its long backward direction.

The terminal position signifies the locus that presents the latest generation, and it will be going in the future.
So, therefore one thing has cleared that lineage has a direction, and draw a straight line between these two positions in genealogy, and we have usually found a straight line that contains several loci of persons.

Anthropol Open J. 2022; 5(1): 19-21. doi: 10.17140/ANTPOJ-5-127