Crossing the Loange: Congo Pax Service and the Journey Home – A Book Review

Paul Stanley Yoder*

Crossing the Loange: Congo Pax Service and the Journey Home – A Book Review.

The letters begin upon their arrival in New York City to take a boat to the port of Matadi, in Congo. Once they arrived at Matadi, they were assisted by MCC personnel and missionaries to make their way to Kinshasa, then to Kikwit and several CIM stations, and finally, to Kamayala where they spend most of their two years.

In essence, the book was written mainly for family and friends, but the letters and photos will be of interest to anyone who has had contact with missionaries in Congo or other African countries, and to those interested in the experiences of MCC volunteers overseas. The excerpts provide vivid accounts of the work these two volunteers performed on several mission stations as well as the interactions with the local population. The book can also be read as a coming of age text from the viewpoint of the actors. Nevertheless, we could if we wanted to. We’re not forced to do anything, really.

John and I are in the process of making a magazine rack for Mrs. Diller’s birthday. A modern thing with wrought
iron legs, glass sides, operating on a pivot point so it can move from side to side. Also, John made a really nice desk
that we are using in our house. We really have a lot of freedom to do the things we would like to do. We are free
to design and build without supervision.

Anthropol Open J. 2017; 2(2): 40-44.  doi: 10.17140/ANTPOJ-2-112