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Effects of Kenponashi-Artichoke Compound Supplement on CCl4-induced Chronic Hepatic Injury to Rats

Artichoke extract, Chronic hepatitis, Fructus, Kenponashi, Original Research, sanghuang, Sesame

2023 Feb

Wan-Li Chu*, Wen-Chuan Lin and Li-Chan Yang
Repeated Treatment with Antimalarial Agents Causes In Vitro Liver Toxicity

Amodiaquine, Artemether, Artesunate, Brief Research Report, Cell death, Lumefantrine, Malaria

2023 Jan

David Audu*, Vinood B. Patel, Lucy Petagine, Olufunmilayo A. Idowu and Adewumi B. Idowu
Correlation of 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose

Fluorodeoxyglucose, Glucose metabolism, Hepatocellular carcinoma, Original Research

2020 May

Mahmoud Elalfy* and Juergen Borlak

Short Communication

2017 May

José Colleti Jr., Rafael Teixeira Azevedo and Werther Brunow de Carvalho

Glutathione peroxidase, Mini Review, Zn-superoxide dismutase

2017 Jan

Rosario Musacco-Sebio, Christian Saporito-Magri√Ī√°, Juan M. Acosta, Alberto Boveris and Marisa G. Repetto*
Comparisons between Portosystemic

Liver cirrhosis, Liver insufficiency, Original Research, Portal hypertension, Portosystemic Shunting

2016 Jul

Firuz Gafurovich Nazyrov, Castro-Benitez C, Andrey Vasilyevich Devyatov, Azam Khasanovich Babadjanov*, Umid Ravshanovich Salimov and Laziz Lappasovich Mardonov


2015 Sep

Omar Massoud*

Case Report, Hepatic myelopathy, Spastic paraparesis

2015 Aug

Huanquan Liao, Zhichao Yan, Wei Peng and Hua Hong*

Cardiovascular disease, Coronary Artery Disease, Fatty Acids, Mini Review, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

2015 Jul

Erika Rabelo Forte de Siqueira*, Leila Maria Moreira Beltrao Pereira and Arun Jayant Sanyal
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Bile acids, Cholesterol, Fatty liver disease, Lipids, Nuclear receptors, review

2015 Jun

Quratulain Khalid, Ian Bailey and Vinood B. Patel*

Case Report, Glioblastoma multiform, Levetiracetam, Liver injury, Temozolomide

2015 May

Shmuel Chen, Meir Mizrahi*, Adi Nubani, Jacob Olech, Alexander Lossos, Mordechai Muzskat and Eldad Ben-Shitrit

Diabetes, Esophageal varices, Liver cirrhosis, Original Research

2015 Apr

Khafaga S, Khalil K, Mohamed Abdou, Miada M, Mahmoud Shedid and Mohammad Mosaad*
Metastatic Liver Disease - Presenting as Multiple Hepatic Cysts

Case Report

2015 Apr

John D. Goodwin, Jason Schmidt and Parvez Mantry*


2015 Apr

Haluk Yuzugullu* and Ozge Gursoy-Yuzugullu
‚ÄúCardiac Hepatopathy‚ÄĚ: A Review of Liver

Congestive hepatopathy, Heart failure, Hypoxic hepatitis, Ischemic hepatitis, review

2015 Mar

Shailja C. Shah and David A. Sass*

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Department of Internal Medicine, Saint Louis University School of Medicine


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√Ėzge G√ľrsoy-Y√ľz√ľg√ľll√ľ, PhD

Carmine Therapeutics, Inc.


Abdelfattah El Ouaamari, PhD

Department of Medicine, Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences


Kamran U. Qureshi, MD

Department of Internal Medicine, Saint Louis University


Rachna T. Shroff, MD

Department of Medicine, University of Arizona



Vivek Chowdhary, PhD

University of Pennsylvania, USA

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University of Florida, USA

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Royal Commission Hospital, Saudi Arabia

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