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Surgical Treatment of Sternal Fracture: Case Report and Literature Review.

Case Report, osteosynthesis, Sternal fracture, Sternum, Thoracic trauma

2023 Jul

Jorge Pérez-Acosta, Orlando Téllez-Almenares*, Justo Escalona-Cartaya, Raúl Calas-Balbuena and Olga M. Moreira-Barinaga
Antegrade Versus Retrograde Cerebral Perfusion

Systematic Review

2022 Feb

Joseph Lamelas*, Ahmed Alnajar, Michel Pompeu B. O. Sá, Muhammad Z. Azhar, Elizabeth F. Aleong, Jef Van den Eynde and Alexander Weymann
A Unique and Rare Presentation of Obstructed

Case Report

2021 Nov

Ahmad E. Al-Mulla*, Salah Termos, Fawzia Ashkanani, Ehab S. Imam, Abdulla E. Sultan, Ali Altabeekh, Mohammad Y. Saleh and Ahmad Al-Jafar
A Clonorchis Sinensis in the Gallbladder A Rare Case

Case Report

2021 May

Ahmad E. Al-Mulla*, Fawazia Ashkanani, Ali Al-Tabeekh, Raghad Al-Huzaim and Lulwah Al-Saidan
Idiopathic Primary Retroperitoneal Cyst A Case

Case Report

2021 Apr

Ahmad E. Al-Mulla*, Ali Al-Tabeekh, Raghad Al-Huzaim and Kareem A. Elayouty
Melorheostosis A Rare Cause of Limb

Case Report

2019 Dec

Matthias Z. H. Lu* and Narlaka Jayasekera
Training of Future Surgeons in Minimally

Original Research

2018 May

Srinath Ranjit, Farhan Rashid, Sami Mansour, Khaleel Fareed, Neda Farhangmehr, Bruno Lorenzi and Alexandros Charalabopoulos*


2017 Sep

El Rasheid Zakaria* and Bellal Joseph
The Trans-Diaphragmatic Hydatid Cyst An Unconventional

Case Report

2017 Apr

Hajar Hachim*, Mouna Alaoui, Mohamed Mountasser, Anass Mohammed Majbar, Farid Sabbah, Mohamed Raiss, Abdelmalek Hrora and Mohamed Ahallat
Single-Step Primary Reconstruction After Complex

Case Report

2016 Aug

Laura Villanueva-Alcojol, Luis Ruiz Laza, Fernando González González, Raúl González-García* and Florencio Monje

Systematic Review

2016 Jul

Oliver Bellevue*, Bennett Johnson, Andrew Feczko and Evan Ong

Case Report

2016 May

Abdelziz Atwez, Matthew Augustine and James M. Nottingham*


2016 Mar

Farhan Rashid and Alexandros Charalabopoulos*
Acute Digital Ischemia In a 30-Year Old Man

Case Report

2016 Mar

Konstantinos M*. Nikolakopoulos, Stavros Kakkos, Chrysanthi P. Papageorgopoulou, Spyros I. Papadoulas, Ioannis Ntouvas, Anastasia Kouri, George Lambropoulos and Ioannis A.Tsolakis
A New Prosthesis in Inguinal Hernia

Original Research

2015 Sep

Dario Venditti, Piero Rossi, Giorgio Lisi*, Flavio De Sanctis, Giuseppina Sena, Adriano De Majo, Stefano Elia and Oreste Claudio Buonomo

Original Research

2015 Sep

Sperlongano Pasquale*, Sperlongano Rossella, Mazzone Adriano, Mazzone Salvatore, Esposito Emanuela, Esposito Alessandro, Clarizia Guglielmo, Manfredi Celeste, Sperlongano Simona and Gubitosi Adelmo
Cellular and Molecular Cascades


2015 Aug

Ali-Reza Sadri, Marc G. Jeschke and Saeid Amini-Nik*

Original Research

2015 Jul

Iwona Rzewnicka*, Anna Piotrowska, Barbara Antoniak, Jacek Malejczyk, Anna Hyc, Anna Iwan and Andrzej Kamiński
Hyperfunctioning Parathyroid Giant Adenoma

Case Report

2015 Jul

Sperlongano P*, Clarizia G, Accardo M, Mazzone A, Mazzone S, Esposito E, Esposito A, Striano A, Manfredi C, Sperlongano S, Sperlongano R and Gubitosi A


2015 Jun

K. R. Fareed and Alexandros Charalabopoulos*
A Rare Presentation of a Patient

Case Report

2015 Feb

Kakkos SK*, Lampropoulos G, Zampakis P, Papadoulas S, Nikolakopoulos K, Siampalioti A, Filos KS and Tsolakis IA
Cost Effectiveness analysis of Surgical

Original Research

2014 Dec

Eliana Castañeda, Ángel Sanz-Granda*, Álvaro Hidalgo, Diego Meza, Marc Carreras and José Marqueta

Original Research

2014 Oct

Abubakr Ahmed*, Gaitri Sadadcharam, Noel Lynch, Eddie Myers and Emmet Andrews
The Effects of (-)-Epigallocatechin

Original Research

2014 Jul

Andrew R. Osterburg, Ryo Yamaguchi, Chad T. Robinson, S.H. Hyon and George F. Babcock*

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Department of Surgery, The Swedish Health Services



Orlando Téllez-Almenares, MD

University of Medical Sciences of Santiago de Cuba, Venezuela

Maria Kazantzi, MD, MSc

Evangelismos Hospital, Greece

Deepthi Sanagasetti, MS

Baylor College of Medicine, USA

Ahmed Alnajar, MD, MSPH

University of Miami, USA

Stefania Brozzetti, MD, PhD

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Valentina Giaccaglia, MD

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

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National University of Singapore, Singapore

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