A Clonorchis Sinensis in the Gallbladder: A Rare Case in Kuwait

*Corresponding author: Ahmad E. Al-Mulla*, Fawazia Ashkanani, Ali Al-Tabeekh, Raghad Al-Huzaim and Lulwah Al-Saidan


Clonorchis Sinensis is an important foodborne pathogen. It is actively transmitted in far-East countries and Asia, especially in China. It enters the biliary system via ingestion of infected cysts. It is exceedingly rare to encounter such a presentation in the Middle East, particular in Kuwait. The presence of liver fluke in the biliary system may lead to adverse complications. We are presenting a case report describing quite an unusual gallbladder finding in a 55-year-old Chinese lady.
Clonorchis sinensis; Gallbladder; Acute cholecystitis; Liver fluke.