Melorheostosis: A Rare Cause of Limb Pain

Matthias Z. H. Lu* and Narlaka Jayasekera

Melorheostosis: A Rare Cause of Limb Pain.

Melorheostosis is a rare skeletal dysplasia, and to date there are no reports of this condition in
Australia. This is a case of a lady who presented with dull arm pain with a pathognomonic radiological findings. The plain radiographs obtained of the limb demonstrated a characteristic candle wax appearance in a monomelic distribution.

The natural history, presentation, and management are
discussed in detail. An indigenous lady in her fifth decade was referred by her general practitioner to the orthopaedic clinic with 5-year history of a dull left upper limb pain. She had no significant medical history, nor history of trauma or infection.

Physical examination revealed full range of motion of her affected limb wasting of thenar eminence, and positive Tinel’s test at carpal and cubital tunnels. There were no other significant findings of her upper or lower
limbs. Plain radiographs revealed diffuse cortical thickening and sclerosis, resembling
candle wax, along the radial border of the hand and wrist diagnostic of melorheostosis.

Similar findings were noted in the proximal humerus. Results of biochemical investigations for infection and metabolic bone screen were normal. The information with imaging was sufficient for a diagnosis of melorheostosis.

Surg Res Open J. 2019; 5(1): 14-15. doi: 10.17140/SROJ-5-123