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ISSN 2472-3878

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Prevalence and Severity of Internet Addiction: Current and Future Public Health Challenges

Rachid Belmasrour, Abdelmounaim Fillali, Naya Kendrick, Serene Stoudemire, Christian Clement, Illya Tietzel*, Mostafa Elaasar and Bashir M. Rezk*

Towards Universal Health Coverage: Designing a Community Based Intervention to Scale Up Coverage with Health Insurance, in A-Duiem Administrative Unit, Sudan 2018-2019

Samia Y. I. Habbani*, Egbal A. B. A. Karaig, Sumaia M. Al-Fadil, Maisa El-Fadul, Siddik M. A. Shaheen, Nahid A. A. Gadir, Hashim Al-Amin S. Abu Zaid and Elfatih M. Malik

Determinants of Non-Insurance in A-Duiem Administrative Unit, White Nile State, Sudan 2018

Samia Y. I. Habbani, Egbal A. B. A. Karaig*, Elfatih M. Malik, Sumaia M. Al-Fadil, Maisa El-Fadul, Siddik M. A. Shaheen, Nahid A. A. Gadir and Hashim Al-A. S. AbuZaid

Improving Health Equity for Black Communities in the Face of Coronavirus Disease-2019

Charlotte Jones-Burton, Kemi Olugemo and Judith R. Greener*

Alcohol Consumption Patterns and Associated Risk Behaviors in Three Ethnic Groups of Malaysian Millennials

Sangeeta K. Singh*, Kwong H. Yap, Peter Natarajan, Pascale Allotey and Daniel Reidpath

Health, Nutrition, and Economic Development in Africa

Babatunde Omilola and N’doh A. Sanogo*

Business and Investment Opportunities in Healthcare in Africa

Babatunde Omilola and N’doh A. Sanogo*

Chemical and Drug Use in Dairy Farms of Hawassa Town, Southern Ethiopia

Haben Fesseha*, Saliman Aliye, Temesgen Kifle and Mesfin Mathewos

Lifestyle Pattern and Bone Mineral Density: A Preliminary Study

Renu Tyagi*, Meenal Dhall, Mary Grace Tungdim, Peteneinuo Rülu and Satwanti Kapoor

Epidemiological Profile of Hypertension, and Its Determinants Amongst Adult Patients in Cameroon: A Hospital-Based Study

Christine Fernande Nyangono Biyegue*, Pierre Mintom Medjo, William Dakam, Marthe Edwige Banini, Yvette Noume and Marie Modestine Kana Sop

Risk Behaviors for Proactive Health Promotion

Naiema Abdalla Wagialla*, Muna Hassan Mustafa, Amal Omer Bashir, Amani Elsayed Abdullah, Hind Amin Merghani, Eiman Mohamed Ibrahim Haj and Ahmed Mohammed Alamin Abdulmajid Abdulrahman

A Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Pilot Resilience Training Course on Stress Management

Shawn T. Mason*, Chun Wang, Raphaela O’ Day, Helen M.P. Scott, Jenn Lea, and Jennifer Turgiss

Patients’ Satisfaction with the Quality of Provided Services for Management of Hypertension in Public Primary Health Care Facilities, Sharg-Alneel Locality, Khartoum State, Sudan

Naiema Abdalla Wagialla*, Mustafa Khidir Mustafa Elnimeiri, Mohamed Osman Eltayeb Hassan, Asim Mohamedkhair Omer Alawad, Ali Elsiddig Omer Ahmed and Ahmed Mohammed Alamin Abdulmajid Abdulrahman

Cupping Therapy: An Alternative Method of Treating Pain

Erica L. Dalton* and Benito J. Velasquez

Patient Satisfaction with an Interprofessional Approach to Wound Care in Qatar

Shaikha Ali Al-Qahtani*, Kim A. Critchley and Emmanuel Ngwakongnwi

Overweight and Obesity Prevalence in Young Children Living in Athens

Anastasia-Evangelia Afthentopoulou, Vassiliki Kaioglou and Fotini Venetsanou*

Management of Hypertension by Primary Health Care Providers in Khartoum, Sudan

Naiema Abdalla Wagialla* and Mustafa Khidir Mustafa Elnimeiri

Why do Organizations Focus on Health Equity in their Childhood Obesity Policy Work?

Lainie Rutkow*, Jessica C. Jones-Smith, Hannah J. Walters, Marguerite O’Hara and Sara N. Bleich

Urban Policies and Health in Developing Countries: The Case of Maputo (Mozambique) and Cochabamba (Bolivia)

Mireia Gascon*, David Rojas-Rueda, Sergio Torrico, Faustino Torrico, Maria N. Manaca, Antoni Plasència and Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen

Prader-Willi Syndrome: A Case Report

Erika Tayal*, KR Indushekar, Bhavna G. Saraf, Neha Sheoran and Ashima Doda

Teachers-Centred Distribution of Praziquantel to Control Schistosomiasis in Gezira State, Sudan

Elfatih Mohamed Malik*, Abdelhafiz H. Abdalla, Ali O. Babiker, Abbas S. Elmahi, Ahmed E. Abdalla, Samira Hamid, Salwa M. Elsanosi, Bakri Nour, Musab S. Elhag, Khalid A. Elmurdi, Ismaeldin M. Abdalla, Elnair Mubark, Hoida Abdalrhman Awadalkarim, Mamoun M. Ali Homeida and Alan Fenwick

The Importance of Open Access Journals in the Area of Public Health

Małgorzata Schlegel-Zawadzka* and Anna Prusak

Importance of Field Research

Nadira Sultana Kakoly*


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