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Open Access Headlines for 2024: A Glimpse into a Future of Knowledge Liberation
1. UKRI’s New Open Access Policy Takes Effect: Researchers across the UK rejoice as mandatory open access for funded research publications kicks in, ensuring wider dissemination and impact.

2. Gold Open Access Model Gains Momentum: With journals like PLOS Biology and Nature Microbiology implementing gold open access models, the pay-to-publish approach gains traction, sparking debates on funding and sustainability.

3. Open Access Takes Center Stage at ICPS 2024: The International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems embraces a new open access publishing model, making cutting-edge research in computing readily available to all.

4. Secarna: The Next Generation of Antisense Therapeutics: Open access research unveils a revolutionary therapeutic platform with the potential to treat a wide range of diseases, marking a significant step forward in personalized medicine.

5. Data-Driven Prosperity: Moving Beyond GDP: Open access studies challenge the traditional reliance on GDP as a measure of progress, advocating for multidimensional wellbeing indices that capture a more holistic picture of societal well-being.

6. Open Access Books Gain Ground: With initiatives like OAPEN’s OA Books Toolkit and UKRI’s open access policy extension, the landscape of scholarly monographs shifts towards open access, fostering wider access to knowledge across disciplines.

7. Open Science Champions Collaboration and Reproducibility: Embracing open access principles, researchers across the globe collaborate on projects and share data openly, paving the way for more reproducible and reliable scientific findings.

8. AI for Open Access: Automating Discovery and Dissemination: The rise of artificial intelligence tools promises to streamline the open access publishing process, from manuscript submission to peer review and dissemination, making research more efficient and accessible.

9. Open Access Funding Models in Flux: As gold open access models gain traction, discussions on sustainable funding mechanisms intensify, exploring options like institutional memberships, article processing charges, and philanthropic support.

10. Open Access and Global Equity: Recognizing the potential of open access to bridge knowledge gaps and empower researchers in developing countries, initiatives like GO FAIR and cOAlition work towards equitable access to research and publication opportunities for all.

These are just a few of the exciting developments shaping the open access landscape in 2024. As the movement continues to gain momentum, we can expect even more progress towards a future where knowledge is truly free and accessible to all.

It’s important to note that the field of open access is constantly evolving, and these headlines represent a snapshot of a dynamic and ongoing process. Stay tuned for further updates and breakthroughs in the exciting world of open knowledge! 

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Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Small Ruminants: Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Prevention Strategies

Bekiyad S. Daro*; Yared A. Deneke, Jiregna G. Negasa and Ishetu N. Dibaba


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Nemat Khansari*


Laparoscopic Management of Adrenal and Extra-Adrenal

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Shrenik J. Shah*, Sajid Nurbhai, Rusha Surti, Parixit Malaviya and Pratik Chaudhary


Penile Cancer in the Region of Thies

Penile Cancer in the Region of Thies: Epidemiological, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects

Saint C. N. Kouka*, Tonleu L. Bentefouet, Ngor M. Thiam, Modou Faye, Mbayang Diop, Mouhamed Cisse, Mohamed Jalloh, Aissatou A. Diame, Yoro Diallo and Sylla Cheikhna


Coronavirus Disease-2019 Infection-Associated Glomerular Diseases

Phuong-Chi T. Pham*, Golriz Jafari, Anita Kamarzarian, Vinod K. Valluri, Kulwant Bath, Chau Sally, Nguyen Tuan, Mahalli Joseph, Phuong-Mai T. Pham, Phuong-Anh T. Pham, Son V. Pham and Phuong-Thu T. Pham


West Virginia University Medicine, Wheeling Hospital’s Sepsis Study

Ramya Ramesh*, Jazmin Jatana, Chan Hong, Sathyanarayana Machani, Milind Awale, Stanley Guertal, Catherine Macalister, Heather L. Merkel, Melissa Burkett and Silvia Myndresku

doi. 10.17140/EMOJ-10-173

Yet Another Public Health Threat: A Commentary and Examination of the Extensive Use of Bromazolam

Nelson J. Tiburcio* and Scarlett L. Baker


Prevalence of Eating Disorders among College Female Cheerleaders and Non-Athletes

Judy R. Wilson* and Angela Liegey-Dougall


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