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Original Research

2023 Feb

Moktar O. S. Mohamed*, Jeilani B. Mio, Mohamed A. Yusuf-Isleged, Hussein M. Salah and Osman H. Afrah


2022 Oct

Jamal Adem*, Mohammedkemal M. Ame, Abduselam Ali and Endale Mokeria

Case Report

2022 Sep

Zerihun Mulatu*, Bashahun Gebremichael, Dese Kefyalew, Sagni Abdisa, Cheru Telila and Jiregna Dugasa

Special Editions

Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal (VMOJ) is an online open access domain that covers all aspects of animal husbandry and veterinary health in all areas of animal domestication.

Veterinary medicine is a branch of science concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, and isolation of diseases, conditions, and disorders in animal species (both domesticated and wild).

Openventio is dedicated to highlighting all aspects of veterinary medicine and bringing information from all authors and diverse sources in a consistent manner via our well-designed open access portal.


Associate editors

Nurhusien Yimer, DVM, PhD

Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Mersha C. Kebede, MVSc, DVM

Department of Veterinary Paraclinical Medicine, University of Gondar
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Qingqing Chai, PhD

Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Michigan State University


Enrico D’ Alessandro, PhD

Department of Veterinary Science, University of Messina

Khursheed A. Sofi, PhD

Veterinary Clinical Complex, F.V.Sc & A.H

Nguyen V. Dung, PhD

Sub-Department of Animal Health

Yao-chi Chung, PhD

Graduate Institute of Animal Vaccine Technology, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Francesco Macrì, DVM

Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Messina

Gian E. Magi, DVM, PhD

University of Camerino

Julián Santiago-Moreno, PhD

Department of Animal Reproduction, The Spanish National Research Council

Mohamed M. A. Abumandour, PhD

Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Alexandria University

Ahmed K. El-Sayed, PhD

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Suez Canal University

Hassan Ghorbani-Choboghlo, PhD

TizLine Academy

Münur Aktas, PhD

Department of Parasitology (Veterinary Medicine), Firat University

Francesca Mariotti, MD

Department of Veterinary Pathology, University of Camerino
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Breno S. Salgado, PhD

Department of General Pathology, Federal University of Ouro Preto

Harry Hariharan, DVSM, PhD

Department of Pathobiology, St. George s University

Gustavo A. Ramírez, DVM, PhD

Department of Animal Science, Universitat de Lleida

Mahmoud S. El-Tarabany, PhD

Department of Animal Wealth Development, Zagazig University

Ertan Oruç, PhD

Department of Veterinary Pathology, Selcuk University

Julia A. C. Díaz, PhD

Pig Improvement Company (PIC) - Europe

Paolo Baragli, PhD

Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Pisa

Pasupathi Karu, PhD

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS)
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M. Sakthi Priya, MVSc, BVSc

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Ethno Veterinary Herbal Research Centre for Poultry

S. C. Tripathi, MVSc, PhD

Department of Veterinary & AH Extension, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology

Weidong Xu, PhD

Department of Biomedical Science, Iowa State University


Cengiz Gokbulut, PhD, DVM

Balıkesir University, Turkey

Maab I. AL-Farwachi, MSc, PhD

University of Mosul, Iraq

Talha Umar, DVM

Huazhong Agricultural University, Republic of China

Lemeshevsky V. Olegovich, PhD

Belarusian State University, Republic of Belarus

Siarhei A. Dabravolski, PhD

Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine, Belarus

Haben Fesseha, MVSc, DVM

Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia

Lau S. Fong, DVM, PhD

University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Mohammad I. Yatoo, MVSc, PhD

Mycoplasma Laboratory, India

Hailin Su, PhD

Sexing Technologies, USA

Sang-Hwan Hyun, DVM, PhD

Chungbuk National University, South Korea

Donglei Sun, PhD

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Feedback Corner

Somali National University — VMOJ


I’m grateful that our research was published in the Veterinary Medicine—Open Journal on such a renowned journal. I want to thank the reviewers for their insightful criticism. Dear Veterinary Medicine—Open Journal team, I would like to thank you for developing such a crucial forum for the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Furda Veterinary Clinic - VMOJ


I would want to thank the VMOJ team for the wonderful lessons I have gained from you. I would also like to thank the editorial board of VMOJ for accepting, editing, and publishing my articles.

Wolaita Sodo University - VMOJ


The editorial board, reviewers and all the team in the Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal; first of all, I would like to show you a higher-levels of respect and thank you for the credit that you give for my work and I learned a lot from you and interested to work with you on all of my next publications.

Jima University - VMOJ


Having published a paper in your journal made me very happy, so I would like to say thank you to all editors, reviewers and secretary office of the journals for your scientific guidance and support in all corners to publish this paper.

Bedelle Regional Veterinary Laboratory Center - VMOJ


Really, I would like to thank the editorials (reviewers). I learned a lot from their comments. I am happy with Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal (VMOJ). I need to invite my friends to publish their research in this open journal.

Addis Ababa University - VMOJ


I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your unreserved effort to publish this article. I appreciate your fast communication, confidentiality, and speedy publication after inviting thoroughly evaluating reviewers. Moreover, your publication format is found very attractive. I hope this journal will be the top-ranking reputable journal if you continue keeping the quality of published articles. I’m happy and looking forward to working with you.

Bedano Woreda Veterinary Clinic - VMOJ


From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank everyone on the Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal team for publishing our paper in their prestigious journal. Also, I’d like to thank the staff of this journal, particularly the Editorial Office, for their open communication and constant guidance through out the publication process, as well as for helping us as brothers until our work is successfully published and known to the world, and for encouraging us to do more and create confidence in future works.

National Institute for Control and Eradication of Tsetse Fly and Trypanosomosis - VMOJ


Thank you for your publication. Your open journal is very clear for reading and edited properly with skills. They are used for scientific review and research. I am very appreciative of you and I will do well with you in the future.

Veterinary Drug and Feed Administration and Control Authority (VDFACA) - VMOJ


First of all, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to the Editor-in-chief as well as the Reviewer. Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal (VMOJ) is a valuable platform that we can share knowledge, concepts of science and findings everywhere in the world that everyone needs to use this good opportunity. Your kind reply, time of publication, and harmony makes this journal different, so my advice for other authors is just by saying Make your life easier with this platform.

Animal Products, Veterinary Drug and Feed Quality Assessment Center - VMOJ


I really appreciate the Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal for publishing our paper on such a reputable journal. I would like to thank reviewers for their valuable comments. Dear Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal team, I wish to acknowledge the great job you are doing in creating an essential platform where sciences get shared.

Awi Nationalities Administrative Zone Livestock Resource Development Office - VMOJ


Thank you so much I have shortage of words ….To thank this Openvenitio publisher. I feel very happy of the paper accepted on this website for publications.

College of Veterinary and Animal Science - VMOJ


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the team of openventio publishers for allowing me to publish my work. Also, I would like to thank from the core of my heart to the editorial assistant of Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal (VMOJ) for constantly guiding me through this process of publication and helping me selflessly to ensure that my work is published successfully. It has been a great pleasure to work with Openventio Publishers and I would love to work more with them in near future.

Haramaya University - VMOJ


I appreciate the editorial team of this journal for their well communication and support. They used to alert me by sending follow ups, friendly reminders and I also thank the board members for giving constructive comments to improve the quality of the paper deeply.

Wolaita Sodo University - VMOJ


Dear Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal (VMOJ) editors, I have found it very interesting to work with you. The special quality attributed to this journal is your fast communication with authors and accessibility of the manuscript after publication and one more important aspect is its confidentiality on the manuscript. In addition, this journal has good quality that works to achieve its goal by including interesting, current and relevant topics to the field of veterinary science and happy to be your part.

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Addis Ababa University - VMOJ


First I would like to thank you for your unreserved effort for meticulously editing the article till its publication. I am very satisfied with your attractive article publication format in its final form with full history of the article. All in all I am happy with you in all your correspondences and I wish you will continue your effort to keep your journal’s quality and publish quality articles. I hope we will meet with other work soon. Wish you all the best.

Universiti Putra Malaysia – VMOJ


As for the many authors, getting valuable feedback on an article submitted, seeing it published and shared with the scientific community in a timely manner without delay, are among the burning issues sought from journals. To these objectives, I have found VMOJ a reliable and promising one.

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Cairo University – VMOJ


Both pre-quality and review process are very strong and highly scientific reviewers.

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