Liver Research

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ISSN 2379-4038

Pediatric Acute Liver Failure: Current Perspectives

José Colleti Jr., Rafael Teixeira Azevedo and Werther Brunow de Carvalho

Iron and Copper Toxicity in Rat Liver: A Kinetic and Holistic Overview

Rosario Musacco-Sebio, Christian Saporito-Magriñá, Juan M. Acosta, Alberto Boveris and Marisa G. Repetto*

Comparisons between Portosystemic Shunting Modalities in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension

Firuz Gafurovich Nazyrov, Castro-Benitez C, Andrey Vasilyevich Devyatov, Azam Khasanovich Babadjanov*, Umid Ravshanovich Salimov and Laziz Lappasovich Mardonov

Hepatitis C Update

Omar Massoud*

Cardiovascular Disease and NASH

Erika Rabelo Forte de Siqueira*, Leila Maria Moreira Beltrao Pereira and Arun Jayant Sanyal

Acute Liver Injury during Co-treatment with Levetiracetam and Temozolomide

Shmuel Chen, Meir Mizrahi*, Adi Nubani, Jacob Olech, Alexander Lossos, Mordechai Muzskat and Eldad Ben-Shitrit

Metastatic Liver Disease – Presenting as Multiple Hepatic Cysts

John D. Goodwin, Jason Schmidt and Parvez Mantry*

Targeted Therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: What`s New?

Haluk Yuzugullu* and Ozge Gursoy-Yuzugullu


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