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ISSN 2377-8407

Surgical Treatment of Sternal Fracture: Case Report and Literature Review

Jorge Pérez-Acosta, Orlando Téllez-Almenares*, Justo Escalona-Cartaya, Raúl Calas-Balbuena and Olga M. Moreira-Barinaga

Antegrade Versus Retrograde Cerebral Perfusion in Aortic Surgery: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 19365 Patients

Joseph Lamelas*, Ahmed Alnajar, Michel Pompeu B. O. Sá, Muhammad Z. Azhar, Elizabeth F. Aleong, Jef Van den Eynde and Alexander Weymann

A Unique and Rare Presentation of Obstructed Choledochal Cyst in an Adult: A Case Report

Ahmad E. Al-Mulla*, Salah Termos, Fawzia Ashkanani, Ehab S. Imam, Abdulla E. Sultan, Ali Altabeekh, Mohammad Y. Saleh and Ahmad Al-Jafar

A Clonorchis Sinensis in the Gallbladder: A Rare Case in Kuwait

Ahmad E. Al-Mulla*, Fawazia Ashkanani, Ali Al-Tabeekh, Raghad Al-Huzaim and Lulwah Al-Saidan

Idiopathic Primary Retroperitoneal Cyst: A Case Report

Ahmad E. Al-Mulla*, Ali Al-Tabeekh, Raghad Al-Huzaim and Kareem A. Elayouty

Melorheostosis: A Rare Cause of Limb Pain

Matthias Z. H. Lu* and Narlaka Jayasekera

Training of Future Surgeons in Minimally Invasive Surgery Needs Intensification: A Multicentre Study

Srinath Ranjit, Farhan Rashid, Sami Mansour, Khaleel Fareed, Neda Farhangmehr, Bruno Lorenzi and Alexandros Charalabopoulos*

Traumatic Brain Injury: An Update

El Rasheid Zakaria* and Bellal Joseph

The Trans-Diaphragmatic Hydatid Cyst: An Unconventional Surgical Strategy

Hajar Hachim*, Mouna Alaoui, Mohamed Mountasser, Anass Mohammed Majbar, Farid Sabbah, Mohamed Raiss, Abdelmalek Hrora and Mohamed Ahallat

Single-Step Primary Reconstruction After Complex Fronto-Orbital Brown Tumor Resection Using Computed-Designed Peek Implant

Laura Villanueva-Alcojol, Luis Ruiz Laza, Fernando González González, Raúl González-García* and Florencio Monje

Pancreatic Cancer in the Very Elderly Patient: Challenges and Solutions

Oliver Bellevue*, Bennett Johnson, Andrew Feczko and Evan Ong

Lysine Pill-Induced Esophageal Perforation

Abdelziz Atwez, Matthew Augustine and James M. Nottingham*

Laparoscopic Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer

Farhan Rashid and Alexandros Charalabopoulos*

Acute Digital Ischemia In a 30-Year Old Man: A Case Report

Konstantinos M*. Nikolakopoulos, Stavros Kakkos, Chrysanthi P. Papageorgopoulou, Spyros I. Papadoulas, Ioannis Ntouvas, Anastasia Kouri, George Lambropoulos and Ioannis A.Tsolakis

A New Prosthesis in Inguinal Hernia Repair: Results of a Pilot Study

Dario Venditti, Piero Rossi, Giorgio Lisi*, Flavio De Sanctis, Giuseppina Sena, Adriano De Majo, Stefano Elia and Oreste Claudio Buonomo

Post-Thyroidectomy Hypocalcemia: Timing of Discharge Based on Serum Calcium Levels

Sperlongano Pasquale*, Sperlongano Rossella, Mazzone Adriano, Mazzone Salvatore, Esposito Emanuela, Esposito Alessandro, Clarizia Guglielmo, Manfredi Celeste, Sperlongano Simona and Gubitosi Adelmo

Cellular and Molecular Cascades during Liver Regeneration

Ali-Reza Sadri, Marc G. Jeschke and Saeid Amini-Nik*

The TNF, IL-1, IL-6 and HNP Peritoneal Fluid Concentrations in Premature Infants Treated with Peritoneal Drainage for Intestinal Perforation-Preliminary Study

Iwona Rzewnicka*, Anna Piotrowska, Barbara Antoniak, Jacek Malejczyk, Anna Hyc, Anna Iwan and Andrzej Kamiński

Hyperfunctioning Parathyroid Giant Adenoma

Sperlongano P*, Clarizia G, Accardo M, Mazzone A, Mazzone S, Esposito E, Esposito A, Striano A, Manfredi C, Sperlongano S, Sperlongano R and Gubitosi A

Minimally Invasive Oesophagectomy

K. R. Fareed and Alexandros Charalabopoulos*

A Rare Presentation of a Patient with Limb-Shaking TIA due to Severe Carotid Artery Stenosis

Kakkos SK*, Lampropoulos G, Zampakis P, Papadoulas S, Nikolakopoulos K, Siampalioti A, Filos KS and Tsolakis IA

The Effects of (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-Galate on Wound Closure and Infections in Mice

Andrew R. Osterburg, Ryo Yamaguchi, Chad T. Robinson, S.H. Hyon and George F. Babcock*


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