HIV/AIDS Research and Treatment

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ISSN 2377-8377

Prevalence and Determinants of Subclinical Atherosclerosis in People Living with HIV on Antiretroviral Treatment in Hospitals in Kinshasa

Murielle Longokolo M, Longo-Mbenza Benjamin*, Marcel M. Mambimbi, Hippolyte N-T Situakibanza, Madone M. Ndona, Jean-Robert M. Risassi, Nadine M. Ngongo, Ben Bepouka, Ossam Odio, Jean M. Tshibola, Frédéric T. Tshienda, Eric M. Kasongo, Mamy N. Nzita, Lukiana Tuna, Aimée Lulebo, Donatien M. Sonzi and Christian Kisoka L

The Time is Now for Disruptive Innovation in Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Adherence Monitoring

Giffin Daughtridge*, Elijah Kahn-Woods, Casper Enghuus and Shane Hebel

Why do HIV PrEP Patients Become Lost-to-Care and How Can We Improve PrEP Retention?

Sahana Jayaraman*, Linden Lalley-Chareczko, Sarah Williams, Devon Clark, Caitlin Conyngham and Helen C. Koenig

Preventable Deaths among HIV-Positive Patients: A Real-Life Perspective from a Teaching Hospital in Northern Mexico

Andrea Ramirez Fontes, Juan Carlos Rodriguez Aldama, Luis Antonio Sanchez Lopez, Samantha Flores-Treviño, César Adan lmendarez-Sánchez and Adrian Camacho Ortiz*

The Elderly are Facing HIV/AIDS Crisis

Chunguang Fu and Chengjun Sun*

HIV-Related Health Status, Adherence, and Stress Coping Capacity among Men Living with HIV in Japan

Taisuke Togari*, Yoji Inoue, Sakurako Abe, Rikuya Hosokawa and Yousuke Takaku

Implementation of a Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Screening Programme in a Rural African HIV Clinic

David Mc Conalogue*, Bongekile Nxumalo, Fred Busawala, Ashley Sharp and John Walley

Virtual and Real Social Support Networks in Mental Health of Japanese HIV-Positive Men: Nationwide HIV/AIDS Web Research

Taisuke Togari*, Yoji Inoue, Yosuke Takaku, Sakurako Abe, Rikuya Hosokawa, Takashi Itagaki, Sachiko Oki, Naoko Katakura, Chihiro Wakabayashi and Takashi Yajima

Linkage-To-Care: A Model for Success

Ashley King*, Caitlin Canfield and Joseph Olsen

Test and Start for People Living With HIV and Who Use Drugs in Low and Middle Income Countries

Thomas F. Kresina*, Lisa Kaplowitz, Mitra Ahadpour and Kimberly Johnson

HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Global Health

Usman Waheed*, Muneeba Azmat, Muhammad Arshad, Abida Arshad and Hasan Abbas Zaheer

HIV-1 Infection of Human Thymic Stromal Cells and Thymocytes In Vitro

Tomasz Rozmyslowicz*, Dareus O. Conover and Glen N. Gaulton

World AIDS Day: A Call to Action

Anthony J. Santella*, Jessica Clark and Keisha Sumner

Development of the M184V Mutation in HIV-1 Infection and Subsequent Treatment Outcomes

Alexandria Garavaglia Wilson*, Sara Cross, Diana Nurutdinova and Rachel Presti

The HIV-2 SU Glycoprotein Influence Proviral Integration Dynamics into Human CD4+ T-Lymphocytes

Quirina Santos-Costa*, José Miguel Azevedo-Pereira and Margarida Rocheta

A Study of Prevalence of Lipid Abnormalities in HIV Infected Children among Indian Population

Rakesh Gupta*, Amit Pathania, Archana Gupta, Nikhilesh Kumar and SK Jatana

Community-Based ART Resulted in Excellent Retention and Can Leverage Community Empowerment in Rural Lesotho, A Mixed Method Study

Martin Vandendyck*, Mabaruti Motsamai, Mwenya Mubanga, Sebakeng Makhakhe, Syanness Tunggal, Sylvie Jonckheree, Gilles Van Cutsem, Amir Shroufi and Tom Decroo

A Rare Case of BCGiosis With Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

Swati Dash, M. Kumar, Rakesh Gupta* and Ashok Saxena

Thunderclap Headache in HIV Positive Patients: Aetiology, Clinical Findings and Long-Term Follow-Up of a Series of 5 Cases

Yacouba Njankouo Mapoure*, Namme Henry Luma, Cyrille Nkouonlack, Ariane Vanessa Pokossy and Albert Sone Mouelle

Cardiac Manifestations in HIV Infected Children. Are they under Diagnosed?

Sachendra Badal, Rakesh Gupta*, Prabhat Kumar, Mukti Sharma and DS Chhajta

A Study of Psychological Impact of Diagnosis of HIV in Children and Adolescents in Indian Population

Rakesh Gupta*, Capt. Sandipan Shringi, Vasudha Mahajan, Venkatesh G and Kalpana Srivastava

Religious and Psychosocial Covariates of Health-Related Quality of Life in People Living with HIV/AIDS

Safiya George Dalmida*, Harold G. Koenig, Marcia McDonnell Holstad and Tami L. Thomas

The Need for a New Generation of HIV Diagnostics

Tomasz Rozmyslowicz and Glen N. Gaulton*


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