Food Product Innovation and Food Safety: Two Vital Elements of the Global Food Security

Malik Altaf Hussain*, Mohamed Elkhishin and Yu Sheng

Food Product Innovation and Food Safety: Two Vital Elements of the Global Food Security.
Food security is one of the universally accepted and discussed current global issues of the world. Its definition informs how diverse and complicated it can be to solve this problem. It refers physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food for entire population on our planet, and all the times. This sounds quite challenging task to accomplish.

Ensuring the availability of the foods with right nutritional benefits to the consumer is one the basic requirement of the food security. Food product innovation had played, is playing and will play a critical role to improve the bio-utilization of foods and to extend the storage period. Innovative food processing technologies are efficiently increasing the food safety and food quality. For example, High Pressure Processing (HPP) exerts a broad range of effects on different quality and safety
aspects of foods and preserving the delicate nutritional elements that may lost otherwise.

Some consumers face allergic reactions to specific foods, and there are lots of literature
that suggest food processing technologies can help in reducing the food allergies. Iwan et al. reported that Maillard reaction could affect the immunoreactivity and allergenicity of the hazelnut allergen. From this example, we can see that food processing could increase the food availability towards some people who have food allergies. Lastly, food biotechnology can be useful to
manage the production of animals and plants with potential benefits to have increased production for home consumption, more nutritious foods.

Adv Food Technol Nutr Sci Open J. 2015; SE(1):S47-S50. doi: 10.17140/AFTNSOJSE-1-107