Palliative Medicine and Hospice Care

Open journal

ISSN 2377-8393

Review of Melatonin and Results of Students Survey

Taylor Nelson, Bisrat Hailemeskel* and Fekadu Fullas

A Community Engagement Model to Drive Advance Directive Discussion and Completion

Kristin L. Hines, Elyse Taylor, Emily Hollingsworth, Shana Rhodes and James S. Powers*

Population-Based Projections of Place of Death for Northern Ireland by 2040

Clare McKeaveney, Tracey McConnell, Craig Harrison, Victoria Stone and Joanne Reid*

Impact of the Use of Non-Pharmacological Care Tools in Building the Perception of Dignity in Ailing People at the End-of-Life

Darío I. Radosta*, Socorro Ham, Cynthia Alvarado, Irupé Fernández and Isabel Pincemín

Managing Cancer Cachexia: Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare Perspectives

Joanne Reid*, Aminah Jatoi, Elisa Enriquez-Hesles and Samuel Porter

An Avant-Garde National Home Hospice Service, Israel

Ron Sabar, Glynis Katz and Michael Silbermann*

Empowering Women Nurses Can Make a Difference

Ibtisam K. Ghrayeb and Michael Silbermann*

The Role of Emotions in Palliative Care

Joaquín T. Limonero*, María Antonia Lacasta Reverte, María José Gómez-Romero and Francisco Gil-Moncayo

Assessing Advance Care Plan Discussions in Hospice Day Care

Rosalynde P. Johnstone*, Marlise Poolman, Kay Ryan, Penny Schofield and Bethany Watt

Qualitative Study for the Development of a Telemedicine System in Palliative Care

Miguel Sebastian Egoavil*, Daniel Flavio Condor, Miguel Alonso Pinazo-Vidal, Juan Manuel Quezada, Boris Manuel Fazio, Juan Carlos Bueno, Luis Enrique Peña, Jaime Farfán, Jose Gaspar De la Puente, Cesar Arce, Bregy Malpartida, Anthony Arostegui and Jose Enrique Pérez-Lu

Parotitis at the End-of-Life

Filipa Tavares Carreiro*, Rita Abril and Isabel Galriça Neto

Inter-Professional High Fidelity Simulation: The Way Forward for End-of-Life Care Education

Priscilla Cunningham*, Joanne Reid, Helen Noble, Helen McAneney, Claire Carswell, Susan McClement, Billiejoan Rice, Andrew Spence, Ian Walsh and Claire Lewis

Cancer and Physiotherapy

Inés Llamas-Ramos* and Rocío Llamas-Ramos

Distinguishing Between Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Protein Energy Wasting in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients on Dialysis

Joanne Reid*, Helen R. Noble, Adrian Slee, Andrew Davenport, Ken Farrington, Denis Fouque, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, Sam Porter, David Seres, Miles D. Witham and Alexander P. Maxwell

A Feasibility Study to Investigate the Effect of Nutritional Support for Advanced Cancer Patients in an Inpatient Hospice in Japan

Koji Amano*, Isseki Maeda, Hiroto Ishiki, Tatsuya Morita, Teruaki Uno, Hirofumi Katayama and Ryohei Tatara

Role of Steroids in Malignant Bowel Obstruction

Anuradha Patel and Rakesh Garg*

Transforming End-of-Life Care

Bok Yae Chung and Eun Hee Oh*

Challenges in Palliative Care Postgraduate Education in Latin America – Time for Collaboration

Pedro E. Perez-Cruz*, Alfredo Rodríguez-Núñez, Mhoira Leng and Flavio Nervi Oddole

Palliative Nutritional Care for Cancer Patients

Neha Kapoor, Rakesh Garg* and Ihab Tewfik

Quality of Care for Older Patients With Non-Cancer Diagnoses Under the End-of-Life Care Program

Tang Wing-Hang, Ma Hon-Ming, Lee Jenny SW, Hui Elsie, Woo Jean and Kwan Joseph SK*

Glioblastoma, the Neurosurgeon, and Neuro-Palliative Care

Oliver G.S. Ayling, Russell Goldman and Mark Bernstein*

Clinical Management of Cancer-Related Cachexia: Review of the Literature

Elisa C. P. Mascarenhas and Gustavo dos Santos Fernandes*

Palliative Care for Nephropathic Patients

Gianluca Villa*, Sara Samoni, Paola Di Maggio, Alessandra Spinelli, Silvia De Rosa, Fabio O. Tartaglia, Iacopo Lanini, Claudio Ronco and A. Raffaele De Gaudio


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