The Middle East Cancer Consortium: A Model for Regional Conciliation and Compassion in the Middle East

*Corresponding author: Michael Silbermann*

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Regions in the Middle East are still experiencing political and military hostilities which negatively affect the health and health services of millions of people. Cancer is one of the major causes of high morbidity and mortality in the region. Palliative care for the cancer patient is one of the care options available for all those suffering from such a life-threatening disease. The Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC) initiated a regional plan to implement palliative care approaches both in hospitals and the community. Moreover, the region lacks experienced professionals who could pave the way for establishing national palliative centers and guide primary care physicians and nurses to exercise this relatively new discipline in clinical practice. This report describes, in short, the endeavors, barriers and successes of this project, which are intended to bring medical professionals closer, thereby promoting understanding, respect and tolerance among individuals and communities in conflict.
Cancer; Palliative care; Middle East; Conflicts.