Testicular Adult Type Granulosa Cell Tumor: A Very Rare Case Report and Review of Literature

Wei-Chieh Chen, Yun-Ho Lin, Shauh-Der Yeh and Chien-Chih Wu*

Testicular Adult Type Granulosa Cell Tumor: A Very Rare Case Report and Review of Literature

Granulosa cell tumors belonged to the sex cord-stromal tumors of the gonads and granulosa
cell tumors commonly arose from ovaries. GrCT are rare and can be classified into adult and
juvenile types. Juvenile type of GrCT mostly concerned infants and followed a benign course.1
However, adult type GrCT may be potentially malignant and more aggressive progression.
Less than 50 cases of adult granulosa cell tumor (aGrCT) have been reported.2,3 In this paper,
we presented a case of an elderly male diagnosed of aGrCT

An 82-year-old male visited our hospital due to enlarging left testis for 3 months. He denied
scrotal pain/tenderness/heaviness, abnormal urethral discharge or fever episode within the past
3 months. Physical examination showed prominent enlargement, firm and hardness of left testis.
No inguinal lymphadenopathy was palpable. Sonography revealed diffuse heterogeneous density of left testis.

LDH, AFP and B-HCG were all within the normal range. Abdominal to pelvic
computer tomography scan (CT) showed space-occupying lesion in left testis with surrounding
fluid accumulation (Figure 1) but no evidence of lymph node enlargement or distal metastasis.
He denied any family history of testis cancer. There was also no gynecomastia symptoms or
signs. Under the impression of testicular cancer, he received radical orchiectomy on September
13, 2013. The final stage of testis cancer is pT1N0M0. The operation went smooth and he was
discharged the following day. His recovery was uneventful and no recurrence signs/symptoms
were noted in subsequent follow-up.

Urol Androl Open J. 2016; 1(1): 12-14. doi: 10.17140/UAOJ-1-103