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ISSN 2470-4059

Survival is Increased in Patients Developing Severe Weight Loss During Concommitant Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy for Advanced Operable Stage III and IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck

Casey Sheck, Jessica Tyrrell, Michael Davis, Paul Boulos, Jeffrey Emrich, Janette Gomez, Jill Darminio, Leon Kushnir and Gus J. Slotman*


Chest X-ray Showed a Hazy Left Upper Lung Infiltrate

A Noteworthy Case of Myasthenic Crisis Induced by Levofloxacin

Ada Young*, Ramya Ramesh and Milind Awale


The Right Thigh Anterior Compartment was Swollen, and the Skin was Ulcerated due to the Traditional Cautery

Primary Skeletal Muscle Lymphoma: A Case Report and Literature Review

Solomon Bishaw*, Addisu Alemu and Abel Tefera


An Unusual Presentation of Encephalitis in a Patient with Lyme Neuroborreliosis

Maithily Patel*, Jazmin Jatana, Ramya Ramesh and Milind Awale



TTE with Visualisation of the Intimal Flap

Case Report, peer reviewed

2024 May

Floris Vandewoude* and Sören Verstraete

Original Research

2024 May

Mahashweta Das and Rabindra N. Das