Pneumocephalus Caused by an Epidural Ozone Injection for Treatment of Disc Prolapse

*Corresponding author: Surath Manimala Rao*, Laxmi Kotgire and B.V. Savitr Sastri


Pneumocephalus is a complication seen either after head trauma or post-neurosurgical procedure. It can be life-threatening if it turns into tension pneumocephalus. The presence of intracranial air indicates the presence of an open communication of cerebrospinal fluid. Air enters dura matter even without connection. Thin air flows upstream along the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pathway. Herein, we report a case of pneumocephalus in a 62-year-old female after epidural injection of Bupivacaine and Ozone for the treatment of a prolapsed disc. She was shifted to our hospital post-epidural injection for the management of severe headache. Though it is a rare complication, keeping this in mind will help to quickly diagnose, if need arises.


Pneumocephalus; Head trauma; CT; Thunderclap headache.