Magnet Expandable Rods a Promising Technology which can Lead to Catastrophic Failure

*Corresponding author: Mohammad Alfawareh*, Maen Tarawneh and Sajedah Alfawareh


In recent years, there has been a paradigm shift in the treatment of early-onset scoliosis. This change is manifested by a propensity to avoiding or delaying fusion surgeries due to their many potential shortcomings. Many surgeons gravitate towards conservative measures and growth-friendly implants such as magnetic expandable growing rods. Still, such interventions are not impeccable. This case report discusses 8-year-old girl with early-onset scoliosis managed with magnetic expandable rods after failing conservative management. The results were promising at first. However, catastrophic failure was diagnosed after multiple successful elongations necessitating discarding the system and changing the construct to conventional growing rods.
Magnet rods; Growing rods; Growth friendly procedures; Catastrophic failure; Early-onset scoliosis; Juvenile scoliosis; Scoliosis complications.