Umbilical Hernia in Cross Holstein Friesian Calf and its Surgical Management: A Case Report

*Corresponding author: Haben Fesseha*


A three-months-old Holstein Friesian crossbred calf weighing 56 kg was presented to Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Mekelle University, Ethiopia with a history of swelling at the umbilical region from birth since last few months. Clinical examination revealed
umbilical hernia with a hernial ring of 3 fingers breadth. The case was handled surgically by means of herniorrhaphy using overlapping mattress suture techniques and synthetic absorbable polyglycolic acid. The calf has unevenly recovered on the 20th-day
post-operation. The present case report discusses the successful management of umbilical hernia in the calf.
Calf; Herniorrhaphy; Overlapping mattress suture; Umbilical hernia.