Thoughts and Experiences of Bias: A Personal Perspective

*Corresponding author: R. Johnson*


This is a narration about observations on biases and cultural disquiets experienced in my personal and professional life both in my own birth place as well as in my country i.e., New Zealand where I currently live. In the following paragraphs, my personal experiences on biases has been described. Many academics have already written extensively about the types of biases I discuss in their research papers. My professional career has lasted for the past 43-years. Out of 43-years, 27-years have been spent in New Zealand, where I have worked in around 17 organisations. The time span covered is from May 1994 till now. Following questions are in my contemplation: Why are people so biased? What does it feel like to be overlooked for your efforts or contributions? The ubiquitous nature of bias has been documented in the scientific literature, as well as how it is ingrained in human characteristics and attitudes. Is it possible to eliminate bias? Is there a way to mitigate the negative effects of bias that we as humans impose on one another?
Bias; Unconscious bias; Society; Culture; Organisation; Diversity and inclusion.