Thoughts and Experiences of Bias: A Personal Perspective

R. Johnson*

Thoughts and Experiences of Bias: A Personal Perspective.

Different societies have evolved over time, each with their own social and cultural aspects. As a result of being classified as civilised or uncivilised, colonizations have had a variety of
effects on populations. Many people in the modern world want to migrate to the so-called developed countries, and their decisions have diverse consequences based on their experiences and the cultures of the countries they relocate to.

Women make up much over 60% of the workforce in my place of employment, where I have worked
since 2006. There are more women in the upper tier positions. However, it is unfortunate to mention that women in such high positions may be just as biassed as men when it comes to how they treat their female employees. Working under a woman was a dreadful nightmare in my own experience. I have often wondered what causes such conduct. Are they attempting to demonstrate that they are on par with men?

My experiences and observed bias based on accents and how one uses language in the last 28-years of experience in 17 different settings and organizations, ranging from small-farm work to cleaning
jobs, manufacturing, clerical work in a financial institution, and administration in a local and central governments. Bias is present at every level in large organizations due to ethnic composition and power differentials.

This was one of the major issues that encountered at job interviews and in general group discussions. One must say that my grade was A-pluses for the oral presentations in the academic work. My abilities were very good at grasping questions and responding appropriately at interviews and group discussions. Immigrant employees who tend to be shy and quiet are truly smart and have good relationships with their supervisors and the management.


Soc Behav Res Pract Open J. 2022; 7(1): 12-16. doi: 10.17140/SBRPOJ-7-134