The Smile Solution: Smile! How to Make Yours Perfect

Daniel Kazachkov*

The smile Solution smile how to make yours perfect.

An esthetically pleasing smile is an attractive quality that lures people to you, making them immediately respond positively to a first impression, before you’ve uttered a single word.

The great news is that perfect smiles are no longer limited to Hollywood celebrities. With today’s technological advancements and software, everyone can achieve
the bright-white, glistening smile of their dreams.

If you read the bestseller, The DaVinci Code, you’ll certainly be aware of The Fibonnaci Numbers; they lead to the Golden Ratio of 1 to 0.618. It all has to do with beauty and ratios
of proportion, and as a dentist, I can use dentistry, both an art and a science which relies on this
mathematical principle to make sure that all of your teeth are in proportion to your face, to your
lips and to each other. In just one example, without being too technical, the width of your upper
central incisor should be in the Golden Proportion to the width of the lateral incisor.

Or, in another example, in an ideal smile line, the edges of your upper teeth should be
parallel to your lower lip when you smile. Furthermore, both sets of teeth should look similar
and complement your hair, skin and eye color.

The starting point of any smile makeover is the facial midline, an imaginary vertical
line drawn between the front 2 upper teeth. For optimal esthetic value, the facial midline should
be in the middle of the face. I find it really interesting that, when i look at a photograph of actor
Tom Cruise, his midline is way off, as he is missing an upper left lateral tooth on the left side
of his mouth. Whenever

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