The Morals of the Ibo Ethnic Group and the Abortion Deaths Among their Maidens in Nigeria

Wilson I. B. Onuigbo*

The Morals of the Ibo Ethnic Group and the Abortion Deaths Among their Maidens in Nigeria.

The intimate work of a British anthropologist, Basden, carried out among the Ibo or Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria is rich in customs. Basden’s work includes the pride in a “daughter’s chastity.” Undoubtedly, on this account, maidens are tempted to conceal illegitimate pregnancy. Thus, this could lead to abortion practices which might end with sudden death.

OR, a 22-year-old girl, suddenly collapsed and died in a Patent Medicine Store. The owner denied giving any drug to the patient. An autopsy was carried out at the Parklane General Hospital, Enugu, by Dr. Ezeanyagu at the insistence of the Police. There was massive edema of the lungs as well as autolysed looking endometrium.

In this context, a Nigerian report, fortunately, came from the South-western Region. The report concluded that “The rate of women seeking repeat abortions is high in Nigeria, the rate of contraceptive use is low while contraceptive failure rate is high”.

They may be especially contrasted with the sophisticated dimensions found in the world literature. As they concluded, “young women often relied on traditional methods of abortion”. Perhaps, in the final analysis, let us listen to one Sedgh11: “Despite recent declines, teen pregnancy rates remain high in many countries. Research on the planning status of these pregnancies and on factors that determine how teens resolve their pregnancies could further inform programs and policies”.

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