The In Vivo Effect of a Prostaglandin on the Conjunctival Goblet Cells

*Corresponding author: Matthieu Randon* and Rachid Abbas

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To evaluate the density of conjunctival goblet cells (GCs) from in vivo confocal microscopy (IVCM) and impression cytology (IC) and mucin expression in ten glaucomatous patients treated with preservative-free latanoprost (MonoprostÂź)
Ten glaucomatous patients (10 eyes) were enrolled. Conjunctiva was examined clinically and morphologically by IVCM and IC. Both IVCM and IC were performed at baseline, and after the 1st and 4th month of Monoprost¼ therapy. GC density (GCD) in cells⁄mm2 was the main outcome measurement.
At baseline, mean GCD was 147+/-78 cells/mm2 for IVCM and 114+/-62 cells/mm2 for IC GCD. At month one, mean GCD was 149+/-69 and 120+/-56 measured with IVCM and IC, respectively (p=0.31 for IVCM and p=0.40 for IC). At month four, GCD increased to 162+/-81 and 134+/-61 measured with IVCM and IC, respectively (p=0.02 for IVCM and p=0.02 for IC).
Treatment with preservative-free (PF) latanoprost was associated with an increase in conjunctival GCD in glaucomatous eyes. Further studies are mandatory to verify this finding because its validation may have important consequences in the medical management of glaucoma.
In vivo confocal microscopy; Conjunctiva; Goblet cell; Prostaglandin; Cytology impression; Polymerase chain reaction (PCR).