The Effect of L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract and Lotus Leaf Extract on the Body Fat Percentage in High Energy Diet-Induced Obese Rats

*Corresponding author: Chu Wan-Li* and Lin Wen-Chuan

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Obesity has become a public health issue of global concern. Obesity is often associated with the occurrence of many diseases, and will also increase mortality; it not only affects personal health, but also increases healthcare costs, thus reducing social productivity and causing negative social and economic impacts. Therefore, ameliorating obesity is an issue worth attention and effort. The development of a natural and safe anti-obesity combination is worthy of further research. It is known that L-carnitine, green tea and lotus leaves have anti-obesity potential, but there is no research and discussion on this novel combination to improve body fat.
This study explored how the dietary supplement formula containing L-carnitine, green tea extract and lotus leaf extract (CGL) lowered the body fat accumulation in rats induced by high-energy diet.
The test used 60-week-old male Sprague Dawley® white rats, which were first divided into the control group (12 rats were given normal feed) and the experimental group (48 rats were given high energy diet; HE). The HE group was further divided into H2O and CGL groups (296, 593 and 1186 mg/kg, to be designated as CGL-L, CGL-M, CGL-H respectively). The rats were first fed with feed for five-weeks, and then fed with different doses of CGL by gavage starting from the sixth-week. After nine-weeks of feeding, the rats were sacrificed to obtain their body weight, feed intake, body fat, serum biochemical indices and liver lipid measurements.
The results show that the final body weight of HE+CGL-L (578.8±41.6 g) was significantly lower than that of HE+H2O (634.9±42.2 g), and the body fat amount of HE+CGL-L (36.6±9.8 g) was significantly lower than that of HE+H2O (49.4±13.8 g). Feed efficiency and calorie efficiency of HE+CGL-L were also significantly lower than that of HE+H2O (p<0.001). HE+CGL-M and HE+CGL-H were also able to significantly reduce the final body weight, body fat amount and serum-free fatty acid concentration (p<0.05).
CGL can significantly reduce the final body weight, body fat amount, body fat ratio, feed efficiency and calorie efficiency. CGL has the potential as a new dietary supplement for weight loss. However, the significance of these results on humans taking the supplement for prolonged periods of time is unknown and should be a focus for future investigations.
Obesity; L-Carnitine; Green tea extract; Lotus leaf extract; Weight loss.