The Digital Stethoscope in Telemedicine: A Health Camp Study

*Corresponding author: Imran Pathan, Ravi K. Chittoria*, Saurabh Gupta, Chirra L. Reddy, Padmalakshmi B. Mohan, Shijina Koliyath, Nishad K and Mohamed Ishaq Z

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India is a vast country with limited human resources. People living in remote areas often have limited access to healthcare facilities. To address this need and to increase healthcare awareness, health camps have been established. These camps are often supervised by junior physicians. Telemedicine, and in particular use of a digital stethoscope may provide better diagnosis and better consultation to the patient by senior physicians located remotely. This article highlights the clinical use of a digital stethoscope in such a health camp.


Health camp; Telemedicine; Digital stethoscope.