The Boss is Dead Leadership between Perfection and Explosion – A Psychological Study

Olaf Lange*

The Boss is Dead Leadership between Perfection and Explosion – A Psychological Study.

Since neither ideological nor nihilistic concepts lead anywhere, a thorough examination of the “individual and the genuine” is in order. What really happens in “leading” today? The analysis
of in-depth interviews with leading managers shows that leading is not a solitary act of commanding but acting within the framework of a whole that humans create.

Some leading managers seem to never grow up; they tilt and rotate without measure between the extremes of submission gesture and explosion of dominance. Frequently, the ruthless reigning and flooring periodically revert to gestures of submission. Through mediation efforts, to alleviate the disruption of trust, fear of a damaged organizational image and personal remorse the return to a mode of smoothing.

“In the end, we are a big XYZ family.” “I’m not a biter.” “I have always been in favor of co-operation.” “When my boss sets the direction and starts going there, I am happy to go along, then it is clear where to go and what to do.” “Then come the orders from the management board, who have the authority, and then everybody responds.”

Those who are in supervisory and leadership positions are often initially confronted, influenced and indirectly “led” by demanding and cumbersome employees. To their regret, they soon
realize that they cannot entirely control their supervisees as well as what they themselves can and should do. A good example that illustrates the dynamic tension between leading and being led is the young inexperienced young leader who, in an effort to assert himself or herself, gives numerous orders right on the first day without taking into account that every order will come back to its sender with numerous requirements, like a boomerang.

Soc Behav Res Pract Open J. 2021; 6(1): 7-11. doi: 10.17140/SBRPOJ-6-130