Women's Health

Basic Study for the Quantitative Diagnosis of Edema Focusing on Ultrasound Propagation Time Waveform Information

Shin-ichi Sakamoto*, Taiki Godo, Masafumi Koshiyama, Eri Ikuta, and Yumiko Watanabe

The Preventive Effect of Dietary Antioxidants on Viral Infection (Coronavirus Disease-2019, Influenza and Human Papillomavirus) and the Development of Cervical Carcinogenesis

Eri Ikuta, Masafumi Koshiyama*, Miwa Nakagawa, Ayumi Ono, Yumiko Watanabe, Keiko Seki, Makiko Oowaki, and Yuji Okuda

Sexual Violence and Victim Blaming in Nigeria

Emmanuel E. Nwusulor*, and Ifeoma I. Onwubiko

Endometrial Cancer in the United States: A Review of the Current Literature

Oyinlola O. Fasehun*, Oluwatomi Owopetu, and Luther-King O. Fasehun

Measurement of Women’s Leg Edema Using Ultrasonography

Eri Ikuta, Yumiko Watanabe, Nami Yanagisawa, Miwa Nakagawa, Ayumi Ono, Keiko Seki, Makiko Oowaki, CNM, Masafumi Koshiyama*, and Shin-ichi Sakamoto

Blighted Ovum: A Case Report

Aqsaa N. Chaudhry, Frederick M. Tiesenga, Sandeep Mellacheruvu, and Ryan R. Sanni*

Relationship between Tobacco Smoking and Cervical Cancer

Ayumi Ono, Miwa Nakagawa, Eri Ikuta, Yumiko Watanabe, and Masafumi Koshiyama*

Hysteroscopy Versus Laparoscopy in the Management of Isthmocele: A Review of the Literature

Mohammad Jaffal, Marco Mouanness*, Anastasia Salame, Maelle Saliba, Karine Azar, and Georges Rameh*

Endometriosis and Epigenetics: What do we Know?

Joseph Nassif, Ali Khalil, Naji Aswad, Antoine Abu Musa, and Georges Rameh*

Iron Deficiency in Women

Ronald S. Laura*

Treatment of Leg and Foot Edema in Women

Yumiko Watanabe, Masafumi Koshiyama*, and Nami Yanagisawa

Shared Decision-Making Regarding Place of Birth–Mission Impossible or Mission Accomplished?

Yvonne Fontein-Kuipers*, Anouk Banda, Eline Oude Hassink, and Desirée de Ruiter

Cesarean Hysterectomy for Abnormal Placentation Using Balloon Occlusion of the Common Iliac Artery: Case Series

Masafumi Koshiyama*, Shingo Ukita, Masashi Ueda, Kenji Hishikawa, Yoko Furukawa, Yumi Itaya, CNM, Yumiko Watanabe, Natsuko Motooka Meguro, Haruko Horiuchi, and Makiko Oowaki

Efficacy of a Multiple Health Behavior Change Intervention on Women’s Health Outcomes

Abigail Remenapp, Brantlee Broome, Gail Maetozo, and Heather Hausenblas*

The Current State of Professional Midwives in Japan and their Traditional Virtues

Masafumi Koshiyama*, Yumiko Watanabe, Natsuko Motooka, and Haruko Horiuchi

Impact of the Poly Implant Prosthesis Breast Implants Recall in Women With Breast Reconstruction: A South-Eastern French Cross-Sectional Survey Nested in a Prospective Cohort

Claire Julian-Reynier*, Anne-Déborah Bouhnik, Pauline Reynier, Marie Bannier, Noémie Resseguier, Dominique Rey and Patrice Viens

Mother’s Experiences and Perceptions of a Continuous Caring Model with Fathers after Caesarean Section: A Qualitative Study

Ana Ayala, RNM*, Kyllike Christensson, RNM, PhD, Marianne Velandia, RNM, PhD and Kerstin Erlandsson, RNM, PhD

Depressive Symptoms, Correlates, and the Marital Relationship in Women with Breast Cancer in Saudi Arabia

Faten Al-Zaben, Mohammad Gamal Sehlo, Basem Salama El-deek and Harold G. Koenig

Vitamin D Revisited: Impact on Osteoporosis

Assad Taha*, Muhyeddine Al-Taki and Tarek Taha

Mixed Epithelial and Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer: A Case Report

Margaret Storm, Hanna G. Kaspar, John D. Nash, Radhika Gogoi and Ashlee L. Smith*

University Men’s Perceptions of Emergency Contraception

Rachel Wright, Natalie Quintana, Heather Hardin and Caren J. Frost*

Quality of Antenatal Care and Outcome of Pregnancy in a Semi-Urban Area in Fako Division, Cameroon: A Cross-Sectional Study

Gregory E. Halle-Ekane*, Cyril Mela Fotabong, Phillip Nana Njotang, Julius Atashili, Ndemazie Nkafu Bechem, Dickson S. Nsagha and Thomas Egbe Obinchemti

Increased Reporting of Cases of Gender-Based Violence: A Retrospective Review of a Prevention Programme in Dharavi, Mumbai

Nayreen Daruwalla*, Preethi Pinto, Gauri Ambavkar, Bhaskar Kakad, Pouruchisti Wadia and Shanti Pantvaidya

Women and Heart Disease: Understanding Risk Factors for Coronary Artery Disease

Ahmad Alsarah*, Osama Alsara and Heather S. Laird-Fick

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