Sports and Exercise Medicine

The Athletic Intelligence Quotient and Performance in the National Football League

James K. Bowman*, Thomas R Boone, Leonard Zaichkowsky, Scott Goldman and Alex Auerbach

A System or Method of Analysis for Injury Prevention in Sports, Youth Fastpitch Softball Pitchers: A Pilot Study

Rebecca L. Fahey*, Karen L. Fahey, Michael D. Fahey†, Peter D. Ehn and Robert R. Schweyer

Role of Exercise and Dietary Supplementation in Attenuation of Traumatic Brain Injury in American Football

Kyle Rank, Giovanna Ramos, Cameron Addie, Tyler Neltner, Mike Fraser, Ludmila M. Cosio-Lima, Christopher Wirth, Debra Vinci and Youngil Lee*

Opioids and Athletes: A Growing Problem and a Deadly Combination

Kimberly R. Outlaw, Tracy Carpenter-Aeby*, Victor G. Aeby

A Retrospective and Comparative Analysis of the Physical Fitness of Custody Assistant Classes Prior to Academy Training

Robert G. Lockie*, Bushra Fazilat, Joseph M. Dulla, Michael Stierli, Robin M. Orr, J. Jay Dawes, Kamran Pakdamanian

The Effects of Concurrent Training on Female Soccer Players

Lauren Adlof, Ludmila Cosio-Lima*, Amy Crawley and Youngil Lee*

Physiological Response to Cyclocross Racing

Ryanne D. Carmichael*, David J. Heikkinen, Elizabeth M. Mullin and Nolan R. McCall

Effects of a Periodized Training Program and a Traditional Military Training Program on Functional Movement and Y-Balance Tests in ROTC Cadets

Ludmila M. Cosio-Lima*, Amy Crawley, Lauren E. Adlof, Marisa Straughn, John D. Wallop and Youngil Lee

Motivational State Does Not Affect All-Out Short Duration Exercise Performance

Yusuke Kuroda*, Joanne Hudson, Rhys Thatcher, Fabien D. Legrand and Paul W. Macdermid

Effects of 4 Weeks High-Intensity Training on Running and Cycling Performance in Well-Trained Triathletes

Milos Mallol*, Gaizka Mejuto, David Bentley, Lynda Norton, Jon Torres-Unda, Haritz Arrieta and Irati Otxoteko

Iliopsoas Tendon Injury In an Adolescent: A Case Report

Yuko Kobashi*, Takuya Suzuki, Yoko Tazawa, Yohei Munetomo, Akira Baba, Sinji Yamazoe, Takuji Mogami

Myositis Ossificans in the Lumbar Spine: A Case Report

Yuko Kobashi*, Shou Ogiwara and Kunihiko Fukuda

A Review of Mind Gym: Revisiting a Sports Management Classic

Kimberly Outlaw , Lei Xu , Tracy Carpenter-Aeby , Victor G. Aeby* and Wenhua Lu

Application of Video-Based Methods for Competitive Swimming Analysis: A Systematic Review

Robert Mooney, Gavin Corley, Alan Godfrey , Conor Osborough , Leo R. Quinlan* and Gearóid ÓLaighin

Influence of Manipulation in the Peripheral Nervous System Tests: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Marco Aurélio Nemitalla Added*, Samir Asbahan de Araúujo , Alexandre Ribero Alcaide , Alexandre Sabbag da Silva, Cristiano Baldan , Diego Galace de Freitas, Aline Gonçalves Zonta , Everton Luiz dos Santos , Caroline Galatti Moura Coelho , Gustavo Lacreta Toledo Colonezi and André Nogueira Ferraz de Carvalho e Silva

VO2 Kinetics During Different Forms of Cycling Exercise on Land and in Water

Matthias Fenzl*, Klaus Karner-Rezek, Christian Schlegel, Joeri Gredig and Beat Villiger

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