Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

The Efficacy of Open Mastoidectomy Versus Mastoidectomy with Temporalis Fascia Flap Obliteration

Shamsul Hadi*, Hafiza M. Shahzadi, Fazal Hanan, Sania Bibi, Mohammad A. Shah and Fouzia Rauf

Papillary Microcarcinoma of Thyroid in Resected Benign Multinodular Goiters Shows Correlation with Weight of the Specimen

Shamsul Hadi*, Mohammad M. Khan, Mehwish Waris, Quaratul Ain, Hafiza M. Shahzadi, Nasuhi E. Aydin, Gyan P. Bajgai and Mahid Iqbal

Autopsy Data to Refine Healthcare Quality: A Fresh Perspective

Jawahar (Jay) Kalra*, Zoher Rafid-Hamed and Patrick Seitzinger

Overview of Adult Immune Thrombocytopenia

Leonard I. Boral*, Gregory P. Monohan and Valentina Moirangthem

Quality Improvement in Clinical Laboratories: A Six Sigma Concept

Jawahar (Jay) Kalra* and Ashish Kopargaonkar

Mast Cells: The Key Players in Cardiac Remodelling

Amrit Pal Singh* and Harpal S. Buttar

Squamous Metaplasia in Colorectal Polyps

Naziheh Assarzadegan* and Felipe J. Solano

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