Implant-Supported Removable Partial Denture: An Approach to Rehabilitate Maxillary Kennedy Class I

Imed Ouni*, Sinda Ammar, Hiba Triki, Imen B. Afia and Lamia Mansour

The Causes of Marginal Discrepancy of Fixed Dental Prostheses: A Cross-Sectional Study

Asma Ismail, Yosra Gassara, Dalenda Hadyaoui and Mounir Cherif*

Dementia and Oral Health: Is There A Connection?

Suellan Go Yao and James Burke Fine*

Replantation: Is the Glory Well Deserved?

Pooja Kapoor, Harpreet Singh* and Jagvinder Singh Mann

Frequency of Post-Instrumentation Symptoms Using Hand Files Versus Rotary Protapers

Asaad Javaid Mirza*, Mohsin Nazir, Maaz Asad Javaid, Mohammad Khalid Shafiq and Rafique Moosa

Toxicological Effects of Tobacco Compounds on the Expression of Genes Involved in Actinic Cheilitis

Thiago Cavalcanti Leal, Luiz Carlos dos Santos, Ana Kelly Fernandes Duarte, Gabriel Cerqueira Braz da Silva, Jéssica Alves Gomes, Valdemir da Conceição, Wellington Danilo Soares and Carlos Alberto de Carvalho Fraga*

Impact of Oral Health in the Elderly Patients Quality of Life

Daniela Pereira Murta, Wandréia Soares Lobato, Andre Luiz Sena Guimaraes and Carlos Alberto de Carvalho Fraga*

Polymorphic Genetic Markers in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis

Sydney Correia Leão*, Débora Machado Barreto, Ricardo Vieira da Costa, Rosilene Calazans Soares, Tânia Maria de Andrade Rodrigues, Marcus Vinicius de Aragão Batista and Margareth Aparecida Meneses de Almeida

A Rare Oral Focal Mucinosis Presentation in the Aesthetic Zone: A Case Report

Fatima Tiwana*, Ana Janic, Michelle Wheater and Bassam Kinaia

Management of Missing Second Premolar with Single-Tooth Implant using Flapless Surgery

Nissaf Daouahi*, Dalenda Hadyaoui, Mohamed Ben Khlifa and Mounir Cherif

Clinical Attitude for Failed Fixed Restorations: An Overview

Amina Khiari*, Dalenda Hadyaoui, Jilani Saâfi, Hassen Harzallah and Mounir Cherif

Peri-Implantitis: A Review of the Disease and Report of a Case Treated with Allograft to Achieve Bone Regeneration

Haroon Rashid, Zeeshan Sheikh*, Fahim Vohra, Ayesha Hanif and Michael Glogauer

Managing Denture Biofilm Related Diseases

Tingxi Wu, Wenyuan Shi, Zvi Loewy and Xuesong He*

Influence of Phototherapy on Thermographic Images and Pain in Individuals with Temporomandibular Disorder: Protocol for a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Clinical Trial

Juliana de Paiva Tosato*, Carolina Marciela Herpich, Ernesto Cesar Pinto Leal-Junior, Fabiano Politti and Daniela Aparecida Biasotto-Gonzalez

Combined Orthodontic with Implant to Rehabilitate Vertical Dimension of Occlusion

Xiao-Quan Mao*, Hai-Yan Wang, Ting Zhou, Yu-Mei Huang and Ya-Jiao Meng

Early Childhood Caries: A Preventable Disease

Shahbano Syed, Nighat Nisar and Nida Mubeen

Caregivers Perceptions about Discussing Children’s Weight: A Pilot Study

Felicia V. Swinney*, William F. Vann Jr, Paul Mihas, Jacqueline H. Burgette, Alice Ammerman and Jessica Y. Lee

You still use Dycal?

Daniel Kazachkov*

Web 2.0: How Social Networking Sites are Impacting Dentistry

Paola Sampaio Gonzales1 , Edgard Michel-Crosato*, Maria Gabriela Haye Biazevic and Ismar Eduardo Martins Filho

“Endodontic Sealers”: Current Concepts and Comparative Analysis

Harpreet Singh*, Sheenam Markan, Mandeep Kaur and Gaurav Gupta

Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Related to Oral Bisphosphonate Treatment: A Clinical Case

Irene García-Ávila*, Sofía Hernández-Montero, Javier de la Cruz-Perez, Raul CasadoEstebaranz, Pilar Velasco-Bohórquez and Juan M. Lorrio-Castro

An Overview on Interproximal Enamel Reduction

Deborah Chee, Chong Ren and Yanqi Yang*

Clinical Management of Regional Odontodysplasia

Yuiko Matsubara, Makoto Matsubara*, Mitsuo Iinuma and Yasuo Tamura

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