Study of Neck Circumference as a Measure of Obesity in South-Eastern Nigerian Population

Ukoha Ukoha, Ekezie Jervas*, Ukoha Chinwe Clarice, Obazie Ezuchwu, Okeke Chijioke Mmadueke and Miracle Oluebube Ebem

Prevalence of Undernutrition and Overweight or Obesity Among the Bengali Muslim Population of West Bengal, India

Pushpa Lata Tigga, Sampriti Debnath, Mousumi Das, Nitish Mondal and Jaydip Sen*

Second Digit Length, Fourth Digit Length and Second to Fourth Digit Ratio (2D:4D): Relevance in the Choice of Female Footballer Athletes and Female Non-Footballer Athletes in Nigeria

Oladipo Gabriel Sunday, Anugweje Kenneth Chimbuoyim, Jervas Ekezie*, Amasiatu Valentine Chidozie, Ipigansi Ukpedami Nora and Enefe Godgift

Non-Classical Human Leukocyte Antigen-G Allelic Diversity Among North Indians

Swayam Prakash, Maneesh Kumar Misra and Suraksha Agrawal*

Cephalic Index of The Igbos, Nigeria

Ekezie Jervas*, Anele Theresa Ihejihuka, Iwuoha Greg, Eke CC and Osuchukwu IW

Lower Extremity Measurements in the Prediction of Body Height of the Igbos

Jervas E*, Anele TI, Uloneme GC, Okeke CU, Iwuoha G, Eke CC and Osuchukwu IW

Ticking All the Boxes

Anthony P. Glascock*

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